Friday, July 2, 2010

Around Chiang Mai

We've been hanging out in Chiang Mai, Thailand working on stuff lately (which is now finished! whoo hoo!! PTL!!) so we've been taking Aashini to do some fun things while we've been waiting. Aashini loves driving cars and this ride was so fun! It was in a store that is a lot like Wal-Mart that has a play area. The cars went around a fairly big curvy track and Aashini thought it was awesome!!!
Diya got her first pair of sunglasses and Aashini thought they were so cute on her. She kept saying: "Diya, you're so cute!!"
We got Aashini a plastic mesh bag of plastic fruit to play with. She thought that the bag needed to be a hat when she was cooking - haha! It totally looked like a hair net :)
Thai Elvis is one of my favorites. When we stay at one of the hotels we get to see him perform a few nights a week at the hotel. We figured out one week that he also performs in a food court in the basement of the mall that is attached to the hotel. Aashini thought he was awesome and watched him for a long time and danced. Elvis loved her and talked with her for a while afterwards :)
Diya's hair is starting to grow! Her hair seems pretty different than Aashini's... this night it was spikey and I thought it was cute ;)
We were at a kid's play place and I caught Adam playing this video game.... It looks really funny with a baby - haha!
Aashini got her first Dairy Queen Blizzard the other night :) She got one with M&Ms in it and was so excited :) She got chocolate all over her and she loved it! haha!
About a week ago we checked out of one hotel and into another. Aashini had a great time riding on the luggage cart :)
One night Aashini was tired and she was tired of me taking her picture... so she gave me the hand... look at that look on her face!
Diya sort-of tackled Aashini - haha! I love Diya's face in this picture :)
Aashini got a little small guitar at one of the markets and she loves it. The other night she fell asleep holding it - it was cute :)
We have a few more days left in Thailand - I'll post more pictures soon :)


Emily said...

Such great pics!! Hazel had her first blizzard this week, too! Are they having the 25 year celebration there too? There are 25 different flavors to choose from!! I made James take me two nights in a row because I couldn't decide!! Hazel and Annabel DEFINITELY were fans of the blizzard. :) If Diya is in a ponytail before Annabel, I'm gonna be frustrated! ;)

Life in Green-Land said...

Um... don't mess with Aashini's ice cream... she is serious about blizzards!...then again, I guess I am too!