Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America - Last Pics!!

OK, here are some last pics from America...
Aashini had a lot of fun with a Bike rack :) She had a lot of fun swinging on it :)
Diya watched her and learned how to swing too :)
They were really cute swinging together!
Diya always likes to sit on everyone... she's a goofy kid!
.... so we got on an airplane and headed back... so that is the end of the America posts (unless I forgot something :)) :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

America - Alison in Tally!

At the end of our time in America, my sister Alison came in town for a few days! We had fun going around and seeing things. One place we went was Wakulla Springs :) I LOVE Wakulla Springs. The water is so beautiful and there are so many fun things around there. We went on the riverboat to see the river - it was awesome! :)
When we first got there it was pouring rain, but it stopped long enough for us to get on the boat!There are lots of fun things to see along the river :) I love Anhinga Birds - they're so cool! (They don't have oils on their feathers, so when they get wet they have to hold them out and dry them :))It was really neat to be there at dusk right after (and later during) the rain :)The rain made it pretty humid and made it look so cool! I love how the steam looks coming off of the water! :)We got to see a lot of alligators! It was fun!We also got to see this cool bird. It's on the endangered species list. It's called the Purple Gallinule. It was really fun- colored! :)We also went to the Tallahassee Museum. It is a really fun place that has lots of Florida animals :)It's really neat because you walk along all of these boardwalks through the woods to see the animals.Foxes are cool!Here's Aashini posing for a picture :) haha!There was a playground at the park that the girls had a blast at!Aashini learned how to slide down a pole for the first time - she had fun :)It was fun having Alison in town :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

America - Panacea

One of the weekends we were in America (and we weren't traveling!) we went to a fun place near Tally called Panacea! It's a fun area on the beach and there's a fun "museum" type place where you can go and touch and see all kinds of sea creatures! Aashini LOVED touching everything!
They had rooms full of touch-tanks where you could touch everything! (they also had shark tanks that weren't touch tanks :) haha!)This one tank had a funny orange sea thing that turned Aashini's hands orange :)Aashini loved this big shell :)Afterwards we had a fun picnic lunch :)... with cookies of course :)It was a fun day :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're back in SouthAsiaLand! I didn't end up posting too many pics while we were in America... I still have some I wanted to post :)
Aashini & Diya got the chance to go to one of my favorite places - Build-a-Bear!!! :) They both picked animals then later traded, then later traded back - haha! Aashini named hers Fuzzles :)The kids LOVED the fun grocery carts :)Aashini was teaching Diya and showing her the ropes :)One day we went to the Science & Arts Museum! It was fun!!! It was during their Bugs & Baroque theme... Aashini LOVES bugs!Here's one of the Baroque art pieces :)The girls dressed up :)Doing a little swimming......walking around the park......playing with her play kitchen and play food :)Doing some reading! I love that my girls love books :) Aashini has loved them since she was super little... and Diya has just started liking them :)Here's my little goofball :)One day we took the kids to the library for "Toddler Time" - it was packed out!!!One of Aashini's favorite things during the summer was VBS! She LOVED it!!!!! Here she is with her friend Kaley from church :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The kiddos!

We're back in SouthAsiaLand! Here are a few pics of the kiddos I took before we left....
My aunt made them these shirts. Aashini's says: "Drama Queen" and Diya's says "Diva" :)
They wanted to wear their dress up skirts :)This picture of Diya makes me smile :)This picture didn't turn out as planned but I thought it was fun anyway :)These kiddos crack me up :)This picture looks like it has a fake background :) haha!We gave them lollipops and they LOVED them... not sure why Diya is so upset in this picture :) haha! It cracks me up though!Cheers!!I love big lollipops! (they are soooo messy though :) haha!)