Monday, July 19, 2010

Thailand Wrap Up :)

We're home from Thailand now and this is my last group of pictures I need to post :) While we were in Chiang Mai, Aashini got a lot of mosquito bites. They loved her. She's sort-of allergic to mosquito bites because when she gets them she gets HUGE red welts and they itch her like crazy - so much so that we have to put band-aids over them so that she can sleep. One day I put the bandaids on her at nap time and I look over and she had taken them all off an put them on her fingers :) haha!
I just thought this was a cute picture.
Diya was playing with the sheets and rolling all around the bed :)
We took Aashini to one last "play place". Aashini and Diya rode together on one of the rides. Diya thought it was awesome! I love how she's holding onto Aashini's arm in this picture :)
... and I love how Aashini is looking at Diya in this picture :)
Aashini LOVES slides!!! We don't have many where we live, so she really enjoyed all the fun slides in Thailand :)
When we were at a mall in Bangkok, Aashini was bored (we were waiting on a man to bring us something), so Aashini got in this box. Everyone thought it was so funny.
In our room in Bangkok there was a crib. Diya usually sleeps in a pack-n-play, so she hasn't had the bars of the crib before. She loved them and was always holding on to one while she was sleeping. It was cute and really made me laugh :)


Emily said...

That is so funny about the bars! I wonder why that was a comforting thing for her to sleep holding on to?
And the mosquitos have been awful here too - I feel you on the heavy reaction to them! My girls are covered in mosquito and chigger bites. Princess bandaids DO make them feel better though. :)

Kari said...

ooooh, Andrea, sweet Diya is beautiful! She looks like she has soo much personality! I don't know when we will get to see her next...but, I hope sooner than later...she is tooo stinkin' cute!