Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 Months!!!

Diya is 7 months now!! Wow! This post is definitely late in posting. She's almost 8 months (and I took these pictures when she was 7.5 months)... we were out of town... we have an excuse :) haha! Anyway, here's Diya's 7 Month picture with her dog :)
Here are Aashini & Diya together for comparison (Aashini is on the left and Diya is on the right). Diya and Aashini are very different at this age - you can look back at Aashini at 7 Months here.
Aashini can't handle Diya's photo shoots. She wants to be in on the photo action :) Diya loves it :)
Aashini wanted pictures with her bear, so we went outside to take a couple more :)
I think this one is funny :)


Brandy said...

Your girls are so cute and we're loving seeing them!!!

Emily said...

That last picture is precious. I love those sweet happy smiles! And isn't it weird how 7 months somehow seems so much older than 6 months??