Friday, March 30, 2012

Aura's Birthday Party :)

This weekend Aashini's good friend Aura had her birthday party :)   Aura was in Aashini's class at school and Aashini was so excited to go!  Here is Aashini (and Diya) with Aura.   
 Here they are waiting for the other guests to arrive (of course, we were the first guest to arrive... and we were 15 minutes late! haha!)
 Kritika came too :)  I couldn't get them to take a real picture - haha!  This is the best I could do :)
 They ate and played some fun games at the party :)  They played Hot Potato.  Aashini had never played it before and LOVED it!  She thought it was AWESOME! haha!
 Then we played a game where the mom put as many straws as she could in her kid's hair - haha!!!  This is the girl that won :)
 Here's Aashini :)
 They also played a game where you got a partner and tried to put as many Bindis as possible on the other kid's head - haha!  I thought that was a fun idea for a game :)  They had fun :)
 Cake Time!  Diya's favorite part about birthdays is the cake :) haha!  You can see how excited she is :)
Happy Birthday Aura!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

End of the Year Fun!

The school year has ended here and now it's time for a new year!  (The School year here is April to March).    They had a day last weekend where the kids all came and had a Parent-Teacher Meeting where they got their end-of-the-year report cards and classwork and things like that.   
Here is Aashini (and Diya) with two of her classmates.  Ashmit (that we think Aashni has a crush on... she blushes when she sees him - haha!) and Kritika (one of her best friends).  
 A few of the other kids :)  The taller boy on the right is in Aashini's class this year too.
 This is one of Aashini's teachers - Sarika Ma'am :)
 This is her other teacher - Nisha Ma'am :)
 After meeting with her teachers, they got to go to the basement where they had a big party! They party included all the cotton candy they want! haha!
 Aashini was a fan!
 Diya too! :)
 They also had a fun game where they threw balls to knock down cups :)  
 Aashini and Kritika had a fun time :)
 Diya had fun too :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vijay's Wedding - The Kiddos

 The kids had a great time at Vijay's reception.   They got to run around, dance and eat Ice Cream - what kid doesn't like that? haha!  (Oh, and if you're wondering what is on Diya's face, it's a heart.  It was Valentine's Day and one of her teachers drew hearts on her cheeks with markers and we couldn't get it off :) haha!)
 Diya with "Uncle Vijay".  She was so cute with him :)  Diya doesn't go to just anyone, but she always goes to Uncle Vijay :)
 Here's Aashini on the dance floor :)  She was doing some funny moves :)
 Diya was cracking me up too :)
 Daddy-Daughter Bollywood dance :)
 Sister dance :)
 The kiddos had a lot of fun!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aashini's School Annual Day!

Aashini's school's Annual Day was just a few weeks ago.  It's quite a big deal.  Here are a few pictures from the 4+ hours of fun :) haha!
 Aashini's performance was with the "hoopla".   
 They moved it up, down and around to the beat. 
 It was a little boring, but Aashini did great :)  She had fun doing it!
 This picture cracks me up :)  Aashini looks funny and the kid in the middle is making a funny face! haha!
 At the end of the Annual day they did awards for the different classes for the children's performances from the year.   Aashini came in "first position" in her entire class!  Go Aashini!!!   
 She was so proud of her award!  Here she is with her teachers :)
And, for your viewing enjoyment.... Here is a video of Aashini's performance from Annual day.   The performance is very long, so feel free to fast forward a little and you can see her get her award and talk a little at the end of the video :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Holi Hai!

 Yesterday was Holi!  This year we spent Holi with some American friends of ours with young kids.  Holi can get pretty rough with older kids, so it was fun for them to play with kids their age.   
Here are the kiddos before Holi :)
 We went to our friend's house and had waffles and then got ready for Holi.
 Diya HATED Holi last year and screamed the whole time (even before Adam passed out!), so we had a feeling we'd be holding her the whole time while she freaked out.  She hates being dirty too, so we didn't think she'd like it....
 Here's Aashini at the beginning of the morning.  Our girls have light hair, so we didn't want it to turn permanently pink or purple, so we coconut oiled up their hair and put bandannas on their heads :)
 Diya LOVED it!  Her favorite part was throwing powder on people!  She thought that was AWESOME! 
 This picture makes me laugh :)
 She LOVED throwing powder.  
 For some reason, Diya didn't mind being dirty :) haha!
 Filling up the water guns :)
 Aashini had the most fun with the water guns :)  She LOVED to spray people!  
 Adam enjoyed it too :)
 This picture makes me laugh :)
 Happy Holi!
 After a couple of hours the kids were bored with it (and the water ran out), so they played for a little while :)
 It was a fun day :)