Friday, June 22, 2007

And the Strange Craving Was....

OK, so I really haven't craved that much... but the other day I was watching TV and had the strangest craving... Here's how you voted:

Peanut Butter (I hate the stuff) 11% 2 Votes
Cricket & Guacamole Burrito 11% 2 Votes
Pickles & Ice Cream (Mixed) 17% 3 Votes
Chalk on Mashed Potatoes 6% 1 Vote
Mustard on Watermelon 56% 10 Votes

OK, so I was watching a show and an actress came on and cooked a dish from her home country of Mexico. And guess what she made....A Cricket and Guacamole Burrito!! I Know! Gross hunh? I don't know if I really thought the whole burrito sounded good, or I was just craving Guacamole... not sure.... and I'm not sure if I would eat it if I was offered it now... but the other day I would have eaten the whole thing in a heartbeat!!!

So, we leave for Thailand on Saturday.... and well, I can get all the crickets I want... I may have to eat some...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Couple More Belly Pics :)

So, on Tuesday night, my friend Emily and I decided to take some belly pics together. Emily and I are about a week and a half apart - which is pretty crazy considering our birthdays are only a day apart... She thinks that she's having a girl and I'm having a boy (b/c she's carrying high and I'm carrying low...) hmmm... who knows :) So here's our pic from Tuesday night...
So then yesterday (Wednesday) I was thinking my clothes felt a little tighter than usual... so we decided to take another pic... I guess I grew a little....
So you want to know what the craving was?.... you have to wait until tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cravings Poll & Belly Pic

So I wasn't going to post this b/c I thought I looked really weird in this pic... My belly looks really funny.... but I decided to do it anyway :) So here's my 14 week belly shot :)

So I haven't had many cravings... I've pretty much hated food my entire pregnancy, so I haven't really had many cravings... I have been craving pretzels and bagels... BUT I can't get those here... so I've been out of luck... (I go to Thailand on Sat and they have pretzels and I'm really excited!!!)... I did have one REALLY strange craving yesterday... what do you think it was?

What is the strangest craving I've had?
Peanut Butter (I hate the stuff)
Cricket & Gracamole Burrito
Pickles & Ice Cream (Mixed)
Chalk on Mashed Potatoes
Mustard on Watermelon
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

2nd Trimester!!!

Today marks the big milestone! I am officially in the 2nd Trimester!! Whoo hoo!!! That means I'm supposed to start feeling better today or really soon!!! Yeah! I can't wait :) Whoo hoo!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

12 Weeks Belly Pic!

OK, everyone has been asking for belly pics... so here ya go!
This is my 12 week Belly Pic :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Good News!

We just got back from the doctor and Good News!!! I'm off Bed Rest! Everything is reattached and completely normal :) Jellybean is so cute :) Here's a little video (below) from the Ultrasound today :)
(press play and then pause to let it load... then watch away!)

My appetite was back today :) So after the appointment we celebrated and went to my favorite restrauant here "THE BIG CHILL"... it's great!! and has some awesome western food :)
Yum! Today was a very good day :)