Monday, April 8, 2013

Annual Day - Presidium - Aashini

In December Aashini had her school Annual Day! (yes, I'm way behind in posting!) Her grade was doing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme.  They did a fun pirate dance :)  Here's Aashini in her Pirate costume :) 
 The program started off with a famous political leader (who was really late) that came and did a speech to kick it off... See all the Secret Service guys?  There were a ton of them!!
 The older kids band performed the school song :)  (Click HERE to hear the song... it's not your average school song!)... 
 One of the Pre-K groups did a performance called "The Great Punjabi Wedding"... it was super cute. 
Later was Aashini's performance!  They did a Pirates of the Caribbean Dance.  Sadly we sat on the wrong side of the stage, so the pics aren't great!  We'll get the "professional video" soon, maybe it will be better :)
 She LOVED this dance and practicing it!!!  She was a HUGE fan! 
 She was smiling the whole time!  She LOVED it!
 I think this one is cute :)
 I had to post the jumping picture :) haha!
 This was the "Madagascar" performance.  The girl on the left is a sweet little girl at Aashini's school.  Her grandfather gives me rides home (from dropping Aashini off at school) on his scooter some days :)  She was having so much doing her performance :)
My favorite is always the roller skating performances :)  Pretty impressive hunh?  (doesn't look very good on the ankles though :)).
 That doesn't look comfortable hunh?
 ... this looks even less comfortable! haha!!! :)
Anyway, here's a video of Aashini's part :)  It's a horrible video... Aashini is on the far right... you might be able to see her :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

First Day of First Grade! - Aashini

This week was Aashini's first week of FIRST GRADE!  Whoa!  The school year here begins in April.  Aashini was very excited to start First Grade :)    Here is Aashini's weekly schedule:
Aashini is 5 now years old and loves to color and draw!  She is very creative and curious about everything :)
Aashini gets to wear the "big kid" uniform now :)  We got the uniform without her being there... so it's way too big, but she doesn't care :)
Here's a little bit about Aashini :)