Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Stuff :)

Aashini was dedicated at church on Sunday :) She kept saying "wow" while the pastor prayed :) haha! It was really cute :)
Aashini likes riding in the carts at Wal-Mart & Target. The other day she was in the cart and we put these vibrating toys all around her and she thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Aashini love sleeping in this swing! (Thanks Liz!)... so I thought I'd leave you with another funny swing-sleeping picture :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Time in America :)

Aashini has made it to America ;) She's really done great with the jet lag! We've been doing lots of things in teh evening to keep her (and us) awake :) We've gone to the pool... to the local Fun Station (arcade/mini-golf)...And she's even gone to Wal-Mart :) She loves riding in those carts!
She is doing great with jet lag... but she's still really tired :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

9 Months!!!!

Nine Months old! Wow! Time really flies!! She's getting so big! This month (when I finally got my camera out of the shop) I took Aashini's picture in a dress that my mom made for me. Both me and my sister wore it - so I thought it would be fun for her to wear it in these pictures :)
Making her "oh" face :) She really can whistle when she makes that face - it's funny! We actually got it on video just recently - when we get it on YouTube I'll post it - it's hilarious!
She likes to make this little "gun" with her fingers and point it at you - it cracks me up!
So we tried putting her on our little porch and blowing some bubbles, but the wind was strong, so the bubbles blew away fast... so there aren't many bubbles in the pictures ;) haha!
She was very intrigued by the bubbles!
She didn't know what to think about the bubbles - she would reach out to grab them and then they would go away :)
Poor Aashini - she's had a cold for over a month - so her ears have been bothering her. The doc just put her on some medicine so she's feeling a lot better (which is good because that would have been an even longer flight if she was feeling bad!)... But she's developed this new talent of "getting the itch in her ears". She puts her thumb in her ear and wiggles it around - she's really good at it - it's hilarious!!
I had to post this one - it cracks me up :) haha! It looks like she's wearing one of those manacle eye glass things ;) haha!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look Alikes?

I was looking at some pictures we had of Adam and I kept thinking how much Aashini looks like Adam did as a baby! I'm sure I could have found another picture that was even more similar looking, but still - whoa! look at the similarities!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Video :)

Currently my camera is on the fritz, so hopefully I'll get it back in just a couple of days... Aashini is almost 9 months! so I thought I'd make a video... then I realized how long it's been since I made a video (other than a couple of seconds)... so anyway, this one is 4-8 months - it's only 4 minutes though, so don't worry :) haha!
If you're not super familiar with YouTube, you can press pause (when it lets you) and let it load fully before you watch it (there are a couple of other tips below too).

The little box on the bottom right makes it fully screen ;) so it's nice and big! You can click on the video and it can take you to you tube and you can "watch in high quality" (before it starts loading b/c it has to load in high quality) and then you can see it better.