Sunday, September 30, 2007

29 Weeks!

I'm 29 weeks now! whoo hoo!! Here's my 29 weeks belly pic... it was about 10:30 pm and I was tired, so it's not the most flattering picture :) haha!This month a few firsts have happened...
1. Jellybean had the hiccups for the first time :) That's pretty funny :) and it happens about once a day now ;)
2. I started to get some Braxton Hicks contractions... I didn't know that's what they were at first - haha! I get them almost every day now :)

That's about it... I now go to the doctor twice a month, so that's pretty cool :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Stuff :)

We've been working on Jellybean's room lately... There aren't any great pics yet, but I thought I'd show some... :) This is one of the shelves in the room... We found a store that had TONS of English kids books for about 10-25 cents each... so we bought a bunch :) We have all kinds of cool books like I read as a kid (Bernstein Bears, Sesame Street, Golden Books, etc. :) Very fun :) We have some more books that are "chunkier" and better for younger babies, but they're on the bottom shelf - and it's not ready to show yet (kinda messy) :)Here's Jellybean's dresser (well, the top of it anyway... you can see pics of the whole dresser on the other blog)... we have our cute new leather elephant bank on the right... and our fun coconut/turtle night light on the left :) In the middle of the dresser is a box that we have to take with us when we go to the hospital (when I go into labor)... We've decided to bank Jellybean's cord blood... There's a good amount of diseases that can be cured with cord blood right now, and there could be a lot more in the future... we're hoping to NEVER have to use it... but it's a pretty cool insurance plan :)
On another note... we're going green..... and blue and yellow.... we thought it would be cool (and way cheaper) to use cloth diapers... they have cool cloth diapers on the market now, we just couldn't say no :) We ordered a few to get us started - you can see some of them below. They're cool because they have snaps and change sizes and you can use them the entire time your kid is in diapers :) - Besides, they are in super fun colors :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Belly Fun :)

Emily and I were together tonight, so we thought we'd take a belly picture :) This first pic is for you Sharon :) Sharon wanted a pic of Emily and I pointing to our belly buttons so she could see how high/low we're carrying... Do you think it looks like I'm carrying high or low? I personally think it looks like I'm carrying a basketball :) haha!And here's another picture just for fun :) I'm 28.5 weeks and Emily just turned 30 weeks today.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

3rd Trimester! & FAQ!

Whoo hoo!!! This week I’m 28 weeks, so I’m officially in the 3rd Trimester!!! Yea!! I see the light at the end of the tunnel :) haha! Don’t get me wrong, being pregnant has been fun (most of the time)… :but I’m ready for Jellybean to come! Here’s my 28 week belly picture :)

OK, so it’s about time for another FAQ… After the Previous FAQ (click on this to see it)
I’ve had quite a few questions… so here they are:

1. Do they do epidurals in your country? Hope that's not too personal, but that would be one of my first questions... Inquiring minds want to know.
They do! Actually here they call epidurals: “Pain Free Delivery” – haha! But although they have epidurals, I’m planning on going Natural! Epidurals scare me :) haha! The actually scare me more than natural birth :) At my last ultrasound, I had a “low-lying placenta”… so if by 35 weeks, it’s still “low-lying” then I’ll have to have a C-Section… (and an epidural) so I’m “hoping” that it won’t be low-lying!!

2. Do you think it's a boy or girl? Sometimes the mom just knows.
I actually have no clue! Everyone keeps telling me that they think it’s a boy, so I guess maybe I’m leaning that way, but I really have no clue :)

3. How are you feeling? Do you have to walk a lot? How hard is your daily life, being pregnant where you are?
My daily life here definitely isn’t has hard as it could be :) Adam has been awesome and cooks almost every meal… I think since I’ve been pregnant I’ve only cooked 2 or 3 times… I’ve had a lot of problems with the heat… it’s REALLY hot here, and a couple of months ago we were having 125 degree days… and anytime I get hot, I get sick… I’ve been overheating easily… so I haven’t been able to do much… so that’s made it hard… It’s actually driving me crazy!!! The weather could change any day now and get cooler, so I’m definitely excitedly waiting for that!! Here's a pic below of one of the awesome meals that Adam made this week - Paneer Pitas - YUM!

The public transportation here is awesome! So I don't have to walk too much... I can catch a rickshaw anywhere... and taxis and the bus are easy... so I don't have to do too much walking (unless I want to) :)

4. What do the local ladies say to you - advice, etc. In my culture they are very direct and a little too blunt. How 'bout there?
I haven’t gotten tons of advice yet… the local ladies are very direct and blunt here, but they give more advice once the baby is out rather than while it’s in… Only people you are close to will talk about your pregnancy while you’re pregnant… (one of those evil-eye kind of things)… but they tell me to rest and eat fruits and veggies, don’t wear tight clothes, etc… But I’m definitely preparing myself for the advice I’ll get once the baby is born.

5. How quickly will you be able to put up a post with the news or send out an email in December to let us know of jellybean's big arrival?! Pics included of course!!
I’m working on trying to figure out how to get the news out fast… right now it looks like I’ll call someone who can post on my blog ASAP (that will have name/boy or girl/info)… but you’ll probably have to wait for pictures until we get home… 2 days in the hospital for normal delivery and 3 for a c-section… so the pics will have to wait a couple of days probably… but I’ll do it as soon as I can :)

Any other questions? Ask away! I’m so ready for Jellybean to come!!! We could have the baby in 10-12 weeks!! Crazy!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Doctors Visits :)

Thought I'd do a post about our hospital and doctor stuff.... I know some of you are wondering what the hospital that I'll be having the baby at is like... so... here ya go!
This pic below is of the lobby area when you first walk in...
Another view of the lobby...
Here's the desk that we have to check in at for my doctor's appointments...
And... here's my doctor! Dr. Gujral... We both look kind of weird in this pic... (I look like I lost my eyebrows)... but it's fun :) She always wears a sari and today she was wearing a doctor's coat over it... I thought that was fun :)
The hospital is super nice, and you feel like you've stepped into another world when you go inside... but once you walk outside, you're reminded that you're in South Asia :) (as demonstrated by the hospital parking lot picture below) :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Antenatal Class

We had our last Antenatal (Prenatal) class yesterday :( It's been fun to have these classes, and I look forward to it each week. Some of the information was really helpful... but there was definitely some that wasn't. We had two different classes where they were supposed to spend some time doing "relaxation exercises"... here that translates: "meditation". It was actually quite humorous at times. One lady played a funny tape (yes, I'm talking about an audio cassette) of music that was supposed to be relaxing. It was some mystical sounding music with a funny man's voice saying: "OM" over and over. While that was happening, the teacher said to imagine yourself on an island... on the island you find a temple, at that temple is an altar, you bow to the altar and realize that the alter is you.... WHAT???? haha! I have no clue how that is supposed to help people during labor... haha oh well... I was definitely entertained. Meditation is a big part of the religion here... but it was interesting to see that most people in our class thought it was a pretty silly way to relieve labor pain... some people even fell asleep.These are some of the fun girls in our class (a couple of girls weren't there this week). I was really wanting to build a lasting relati0nship with some of these girls - but with such a big class, it's been hard. I have become pretty good friends with Kool (she's the girl that's in between me and Emily in these pics)... so I'm "hoping" that will continue :) Adam and I got an idea to take a picture of the class at the end today and offer to email the pics to everyone in class :) Now we have every one's email addresses! Fun hunh? I love my camera :) haha!
There are lots of babies due in December :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007


So I walked WAY more than normal while we were in Bangkok. My feet swelled a little, but after that plane ride back home... my feet were crazy looking!!! My right ankle looked like it did when I sprained my foot a couple of years ago - it was crazy and super swollen and even a little bruised looking in some places! Even my leg was a little swollen too! I can't believe I'm posting a picture of this, but here it is... (and this is even after some of the swelling went down!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bellies & Babies

We were near some orchids yesterday, so we took some pics... this is a 26.5 week belly pic - look how HUGE I am - and I still have a while to go!! One down (Stephany) and three to go! The three of us that are left pregnant went out last night for a little shopping and eating (surprise!). We of course took some time out for a belly pic :) My friend Sharon said about my belly: "I'm proud of Jellybean for holding his own against those full-term babies in the profile shots!" haha! I thought that was funny :) (although in this picture I do look a little bit smaller) :) We went up to visit Stephany and Tony at the hospital today. It was fun :) Stephany is looking awesome! We had fun!
The boys making their "tough faces" on the couch - oh I mean on Tony's bed :) haha!
And here she is... Rebekah Grace :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look at those bellies!!!

It's a fun time to be in Bangkok :) Some of our fun friends (and new friends) are here waiting for the arrival of their babies... sooooo.... what do 4 pregnant women do - EAT! We went to Outback for lunch yesterday (you called it sara beth)... YUM was it good! We took a belly pic (or 2) after we ate:
The girl in front of me (Leslie) is due any day now. The girl behind me (April) is due in about 2 weeks, and Stephany is having her baby on SUNDAY! Fun hunh?
**EDIT** - Tony & Stephany had their baby last night!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

26 Weeks and SkyTrains!

We made it to Bangkok!! It was a long red-eye flight for a pregnant girl, but we made it! :) Here's a little bit of a 26 week belly pic below... our train started to come, so I was trying to get Adam to finish taking it so we could get on - haha! I'll have to take another one later :)
It's AWESOME to look pregnant now... on the SkyTrain, people would get up and give me their seat! whoo hoo!! It was definitely much appreciated! I look pretty funny in the pic below - haha! You can see my belly button pretty well in it.
The funniest thing happened today on the SkyTrain. A little girl and her mom got on the train. So the lady in the yellow shirt next to me in the pic above, got up so the girl could sit down. The little girl was amazed at my stomach. Her mom was trying to explain to her that there was a baby in there... she kept touching my stomach and was VERY curious... Then, when I looked the other way, she tried to pull my shirt up so that she could look under! haha!! I don't know if she was looking for a baby, or she just wanted to check out that stomach for herself, but it was so funny! For the next 10 minutes, every time I looked the other way, she would try to pull up my shirt! haha! It was hilarious!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a Difference a Month Makes!!

OK, so I posted the pic on the left of Emily and I five weeks ago... so a couple of nights ago, we were out to eat and decided to take a pic :) Check it out... I'm wearing the same outfit - haha! surprise surprise! :) I look like I'm leaning back and poking out my belly! haha! - but I'm totally not!
We're going to Thailand tomorrow, so I'll be eating super good, I bet my belly is going to really grow!! haha!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I have BIG Feet! :)

I have BIG feet! I have always had big feet! I wore size 10 shoe in the 5th grade. My maiden name is Tudor and that side of the family is known for their big feet - or "Tudor Feet" as we call them... Anyway, I inherited them :) (As seen in the pic below - haha!)
The other day I was re-looking at my 19 week ultrasound pics and I noticed a picture I hadn't seen before - it's a picture of Jellybean's foot.... I think he or she is doomed to have "Tudor Feet" haha! What do you think??
On another note... My friend Annie was asking me what my bellybutton was looking like :) Well, it seems to be changing every day... the top part of my bellybutton is an outie :) It's totally sticking out (you can see it in the pic below)... but the bottom part is staying inside... it's not ready to come out :)... so we'll see if I get a full outie by the end :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

25 Weeks! & Nappys

Today at our Antenatal class we learned how to fold "nappys"... that's the word the British use for diapers... and the word we use here :) We all sat down in a circle and learned the different ways to fold diapers... The nappy-folding teacher seemed stereotypical towards me... so that made it pretty interesting. Before we even started folding the diapers, she looked at me and said: "You don't seem interested in this? I think you are planning on using disposable diapers"... I was totally interested, so I have no idea why she said that... must be my skin :) haha! It was fun... We also watched a birthing/delivery video and it freaked everyone out :) haha! They even had a psychologist in there just in case :)

Today I hit 25 weeks! Whoo hoo! Here are a couple of belly pics :)
So the pic below looked so different from the first one, that I had to include both... it's so strange that I can look so different in both pics!