Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Princess :)

Aashini is a little princess... she also likes to dress like one. The other day, just a few minutes before we needed to take her to school, she wanted to put on her "princess clothes". She loves dressing up and this is her favorite dress-up outfit. I told her we would put it on after school, so she tried to put it on herself ;)
After school (and a nap) she got to dress up in her "princess dress". She was so cute - I LOVE this picture of her :)
She was so happy and kept saying: "You call me princess?".... when she says that, she wants you to call her a princess :) It's funny :)
I like this pose :)
... as usual I took a lot of pictures ;)
It was fun :)
On this day, she didn't want to take off her princess dress. We had to go to the market to get vegetables, so we let her wear it. Here's Adam with his little princess :)
She's fun :)