Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Goofball :)

Aashini is quite the little goofball! She is constantly cracking me up! The picture below cracks me up :) Her hair is growing and getting pretty crazy some days :)
Here's one of my favorite goofy things... she LOVES stickers! I'll put them on her shirt or hand if I give them to her, but her favorite place to put a sticker is on her face :) haha! It cracks me up! Every time I give her a sticker, she automatically puts it on her face :)
Last night we were out buying a new phone (for me) :) so we needed her to be able to sit in her stroller and entertain herself for a little bit, so we gave her some stickers (they came her her Mosters vs. Aliens Happy Meal :)). After a few minutes, this is what she looked like :) She got a lot of stares and laughs - it was hilarious :)
I love that she cracks me up! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fingerpainting & Photo Shoots!

Guess what we saw the other day at one of the Lilliput stores?? They started putting out the fall lines at some of the stores! yay!! Aashini thought it was awesome! :)
We bought some finger paints the other day for Aashini to play with. She has a book about a squirrel that paints and has been talking about painting a lot lately, so we thought we'd see if she likes it :)
At first she was a little concerned that she had paint all over her hands...
... but then she got really into it!
Can you tell? haha! The Face she's making cracks me up! :)
Here's one of her pieces of art :)
She loved it! She points to her painting on the fridge multiple times a day and says: "Painting! Painting!"
As you can see, she painted more than just the paper... she started painting her stomach & cheast as well :) haha! She was a mess when she was done, but it was totally worth it :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Aashini finally has enough hair to do something with :) Of course it's still not much, but it's fun! I think she looks a little like she's from "who-ville" (you know, like on the Grinch) with this hair do - I love it :)
Aashini LOVES Strawberry Shortcake now! I found a couple of (longsleve) shirts at the market the other day and she saw them and just had to wear it (even though it was 90+ degrees! haha!)
Here's a video for fun :) Aashini loves to run now, but if we tell her to run fast she really just runs in place - It think it's hilarious! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoes, Friends & French Fries

I've been pretty bad at blogging lately - I'm pregnant... haha! That's my excuse :) I just haven't felt like doing much :) So here's a few pics :)
The other day, some of our friends from M-town came into the Capital and Aashini had a blast playing with their girls!
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!! Aashini LOVES shoes! I don't know if it's a regular toddler thing or if she just really loves shoes :) haha! She'll sit all day long and put her shoes on and take them off. It's actually quite convenient because now before we go out we can tell her: "Go put on your shoes" and she can do it!! It's great! Sure, sometimes she gets them on the wrong feet, but she can do it! ANYWAY, the other day we went to a shoe store to get some shoes for a wedding we're going to in a couple of weeks. Aashini was in heaven!
She LOVED being in that store and went crazy putting on shoes and running around!
The workers at the store loved that she loved their shoes so much (and that we were buying 3 nice pairs! haha!). They got her a juice box and she was sooo happy :) I think she had just as much fun in the shoe store as she does at the park or at a playground! haha!
Here's a video for fun. Aashini LOVES McDonald's! If we go to certain places she knows has a McDonald's, she's start chanting (seriously! Chanting!) - "Donald's, Ronald's, French Fries, Nuggets" over and over! It's hilarious! Anyway, here's a short video clip of Aashini at McDonald's and VERY excited! (so excited she couldn't even talk! haha!) :)

And... just for fun... another picture.... You'll be seeing this Star Trek-looking dress (but hopefully not this funny face) again :) More info to come :) hah

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

27 Weeks!!

I'm 27 weeks! Yay!!! I've made it to the 3rd Trimester!
I've been feeling pretty good - much better than this time last pregnancy! Thank Goodness! I've been pretty tired the last few days and having a lot more aches and pains though - so I think some of the 3rd trimester fun is setting in - haha!
So enough about me... here's a funny Aashini picture. She fell asleep eating the other day in the funniest position - it cracked me up! :)