Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Chair Fun :)

One of the movie theaters in our city has a huge chair in the mall to advertise the movie theater... We have had a lot of fun taking pictures in it :) Here's Aashini with her buddy Skye :)
Aashini & Diya :)
I love how the chair swallows her! :)
I love random fun things ;)

All About Aashini :)

Aashini is a big goofball! She's so much fun :) She LOVES dressing up and dancing around. When she puts on her butterfly wings, she says she's "Bug Girl". We have a DVD with a few Backyardigans episodes and in one of them, one of the characters is a super hero named "Bug Girl"... and since Aashini loves bugs, she couldn't resist! :) She loves running around as "Bug Girl". :)
Aashini says some words with a Hindi-English (Hinglish) accent. Instead of "poems" - she says "poi-yums". There are some other funny words but they're hard to write out - I'll have to get a video :) One word she says funny is "hungry"... she says: "hung-a-Lee" :) It's funny :) At school, the teachers always write on her hands... if she completes her tasks for the day and things like that, she gets a star on her hand... but some days she comes home with more than that...
On this particular day she had rainbows on her palms :) haha!
Aashini has some pretty crazy hair ;) On humid days it's really curly and cute... but some days it kinda looks like Heath Ledger's old hair-do :)
Aashini loves getting her nails done! That is her new favorite thing!
Aashini has been really afraid of water. When we were in Thailand I would take her to the pool and she would rather play around the pool than in it and cries for some of her time in the pool. Finally, after playing with kids her age (and a little older) she got braver and had a lot of fun! Now she's not afraid to swim by herself! By the end of our time, we were throwing her in the pool and she was loving it :) Here's a short video of Aashini swimming... it's so funny to watch to me... she's so wiggly! :)

We love our little Bug Girl :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All About Diya :)

Diya is growing up and getting big!! She loves to play! She loves dolls and talks to them and pokes at their eyes. She has this toy (shown above and below) that she used to lay under and look at or play with the toys. Now she likes to sit up and play with them :) Sometimes she'll grab onto one of the toys and lift her whole body up and slide under it - it's hilarious! I've yet to be able to get it on tape :)
Diya really likes to headbutt things! It's hilarious :) If we're sitting near her she will headbutt us. If there's something she likes, she'll headbutt it. She's hilarious. Anyway, here's a quick video of her playing with her toy and headbutting the toys :)

The other day Aashini had some little stickers... :)
Diya is a SUPER eater!!! She is always hungry and always wants to eat. We make our baby food here (because it's pretty easy to do, it's yummy and because I don't want to pay $5-8 a jar!) so after I make the food, I freeze it in ice cube trays. When Aashini was this age, she ate about 3 cubes per meal (about 3 a day)... Diya eats 6 and is still hungry afterwards! She loves food! Here's a picture of Diya with one of those mesh feeders with banana in it ;)
Diya is a lot of fun :) She's been saying "dada" a lot and she even says "Diya" at least once a day. I don't know if I can count those as first words yet but it's fun :)

Diya waves now too :) I haven't been able to get it on video just right yet, so I'll have to post a video of that later, but she'll wave both arms at the same time a lot too and she looks like she's flapping her wings - we call her "little butterfly" a lot :)
She LOVES bending her wrists. She does this funny thing.... she'll wave with the back of her hand over her mouth - it's funny - I can't explain it, so you can see it on video :)
That's some fun stuff about Diya right now :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Princess :)

Aashini is a little princess... she also likes to dress like one. The other day, just a few minutes before we needed to take her to school, she wanted to put on her "princess clothes". She loves dressing up and this is her favorite dress-up outfit. I told her we would put it on after school, so she tried to put it on herself ;)
After school (and a nap) she got to dress up in her "princess dress". She was so cute - I LOVE this picture of her :)
She was so happy and kept saying: "You call me princess?".... when she says that, she wants you to call her a princess :) It's funny :)
I like this pose :)
... as usual I took a lot of pictures ;)
It was fun :)
On this day, she didn't want to take off her princess dress. We had to go to the market to get vegetables, so we let her wear it. Here's Adam with his little princess :)
She's fun :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun with Friends :)

Some of our fun friends are in town right now having a baby :) We went over the other night to hang out and Aashini had a blast!
Aashini & Sarala dressed up in Sarala's princess dresses and they had so much fun together all dressed up :)
They kept jumping up and falling down on the couch...
It made for some really funny pictures :)
Aashini got some pretty good air time :)
This picture really makes me laugh :) I love Sam's face in this picture - it's too cute!
Sarala even had magic wands! :)
Later, Aashini dressed up with the boys :) She was Woody and they were Buzz :)
I love it! Their bucket helmets were so cute!!!
Yay for fun friends! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Diya loves music. She can't help but to move when music plays. You can look at this video and see how she moves :) She does this in church too - it's funny :) Here she is dancing to Thai Elvis :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 Months!!!

Diya is 7 months now!! Wow! This post is definitely late in posting. She's almost 8 months (and I took these pictures when she was 7.5 months)... we were out of town... we have an excuse :) haha! Anyway, here's Diya's 7 Month picture with her dog :)
Here are Aashini & Diya together for comparison (Aashini is on the left and Diya is on the right). Diya and Aashini are very different at this age - you can look back at Aashini at 7 Months here.
Aashini can't handle Diya's photo shoots. She wants to be in on the photo action :) Diya loves it :)
Aashini wanted pictures with her bear, so we went outside to take a couple more :)
I think this one is funny :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thailand Wrap Up :)

We're home from Thailand now and this is my last group of pictures I need to post :) While we were in Chiang Mai, Aashini got a lot of mosquito bites. They loved her. She's sort-of allergic to mosquito bites because when she gets them she gets HUGE red welts and they itch her like crazy - so much so that we have to put band-aids over them so that she can sleep. One day I put the bandaids on her at nap time and I look over and she had taken them all off an put them on her fingers :) haha!
I just thought this was a cute picture.
Diya was playing with the sheets and rolling all around the bed :)
We took Aashini to one last "play place". Aashini and Diya rode together on one of the rides. Diya thought it was awesome! I love how she's holding onto Aashini's arm in this picture :)
... and I love how Aashini is looking at Diya in this picture :)
Aashini LOVES slides!!! We don't have many where we live, so she really enjoyed all the fun slides in Thailand :)
When we were at a mall in Bangkok, Aashini was bored (we were waiting on a man to bring us something), so Aashini got in this box. Everyone thought it was so funny.
In our room in Bangkok there was a crib. Diya usually sleeps in a pack-n-play, so she hasn't had the bars of the crib before. She loved them and was always holding on to one while she was sleeping. It was cute and really made me laugh :)

Last Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo one last time before we left Chiang Mai. Aashini wanted to see the Hippos and we hadn't seen them yet :) She really liked the fake ones she could sit on...
But she was amazed at the real ones! haha! She stood there for 20 minutes just staring at the hippos.
They sure are funny looking animals!
There were a lot of young monks at the zoo that day... they liked the hippos a lot too :)
We of course had to feed the elephant one last time....
I think this was Aashini's favorite thing about the zoo :)
She loved feeding that elephant and by this last time she wasn't afraid at all. She thought it was awesome :)