Friday, November 30, 2007

Emily is in Labor!

Emily is in Labor!!!! We came up to the hospital this afternoon and her contractions were about 3 minutes apart... We took this last picture together before she delivered! :)Emily was in a lot of pain until.....
She got the epidural! - here's a pic of the happy girl below:
So we JUST talked to them at 10:37 pm our time (1:07 pm Eastern)... and she's fully dialated and going to the delivery room!!!! We're about to go back to the hospital - so we'll keep you posted!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Such a Mom :)

I feel like such a mom right now... there's way too many pics on this blog post!! haha!
OK, this first pic is funny to me... I'm not very good at swaddling... Adam is great at it, but whenever I do it, she seems to get out... or as shown in this picture, she ends up on her side with her hands out and her little booty sticking out... I don't know why, but it cracks me up :)
She was making a really funny face here... you can see she starting to gain some weight - she's getting chubby cheeks.
Our cool friends, the Mirabellas, gave us this cute frog for Aashini... We gave it to her and she made some funny faces :)
Aashini loves to have her legs straight! She sits like this all the time :)
A funny close-up :)
She loves to kick her legs... here's a funny pic of that...
This is a really funny face :)
Here she is enjoying some "tummy-time" :)
haha! OK, I know, I posted a pic of her every move :) She is going to be a well-photographed baby :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Babies, Clothes and Birthmarks

The other night, Aashini was really tired, but she didn't want to go to sleep, she wanted to play... so, we played... her eyes were so heavy though, so the pictures cracked me up!
This one is funny too :) Our downstairs neighbors the Mittals, came up to see Aashini yesterday and brought her some clothes :) They're all really nice clothes but quite big... it's not going to fit her for a while - haha!
Today our upstairs neighbors, the Guptas, brought Aashini some clothes... these are more typical of the clothing gifts people give here. The dress on the right cracks me up... the sides of it are completely open - I guess it will be nice and cool in the summer :)
I have quite a few red-colored birthmarks on me - so I was wondering if Aashini would have any like that too... While she was in ICU, we noticed that she had a little red one on the back of the arm... but as we were looking at it more recently, we noticed that it was HEART SHAPED! (with a little bite out of it :))... This picture (below) doesn't do it justice (the lighting wasn't very good, it was at 1:00 AM :)) - so I'll have to take another picture later... but I wanted to share - it's so cute :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Color Hair??

So I've had a lot of people ask me what color Aashini's hair is... Well... I have NO idea... I thought she would come out with dark hair since both mine and Adam's are dark... but instead she has.... well, what color to you think she has???

This is her hair when she was first born... it's still wet, so I guess it's not the best way to tell what color it is...
In this picture her hair looks really blonde! The front of her hair is really light! But in this pic (below) it still looks light on the side.... (you can see me holding her little oxygen tube in this pic :)) But in this picture, her hair looks a lot darker... In this picture Adam is feeding her calcium - it's bubble gum flavored :) She has to take calcium twice a day until her due date.
This picture below is from today... not really a great pic - haha! - but her hair looks pretty blonde here... So... what color is her hair? I have no idea!!

Here's a pic from Thanksgiving today - Emily and I were having fun :) We both thought we'd be pregnant on Thanksgiving... haha! it's funny how things changed 2 weeks ago!
And... an Aashini pic :) This is how she spent most of her Thanksgiving :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grand Welcoming!

Aashini had a "grand welcoming" when she first arrived at her new home :) I've been meaning to post these pictures... but just now got around to it :) The Scott, Susan and the girls came over to our house before we got to come home and helped get things ready for Aashini... (since her early arrival kept me from having it all ready)... They also decorated our house :) I LOVE the picture below! Gracey drew it :) It's so cute!!! Some of our good friends came to see Aashini yesterday :)
He brought this cute outfit for her... it's quite huge... the pants are as long as she is, so she'll have to grow into them :) The little jacket is funny, it says "Good Bear" but has a dog on it :) haha!
When we get Aashini up from her naps, we unwrap her from her tight swaddle and she does these cute stretches! I was taking her picture and she gave me a little smile :)
And another picture :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Bunch of Firsts

Aashini had a lot of firsts today... some planned, some unplanned....
Today Aashini had her first doctor's appointment... They weighed her and she was 2.26 kg - 4.97 lbs (when we left the hospital she was 2.195 kg - 4.8 lbs - so she went up a tiny bit - her birth weight was 2.47 kg - 5.43 lbs) her length today was 46.5 cm - 18.3 in.... for those interested :)

Here's a pic of Aashini with her pediatrician - Dr. Malik.
After her doctor's appointment, we decided to go check out the new mall that was just built next to the hospital... so here's a pic of Aashini on her first rickshaw ride:
Here's the mall - it's pretty cool... it's going to be REALLY huge when it's finished... right now just a piece of it is open and it's pretty fun :) Most of the stores are really high-end and expensive, but there's some other stores as well... they have a Mothercare, candy stores :), music stores, bookstores... ok, so same things that are in most malls... We got some Gelato :) So here's Aashini at her first mall :) haha!
Another pic for Annie :) Here's me and Aashini taking a break at the mall... my energy level is still pretty low... I had to stop and rest a lot :) And yes, she's wearing another funny hat... I found this hat in her room today... Adam thinks it looks a little like a sombrero. We have to have a hat on her head in public so that we don't get told that we're bad parents :) haha! It was about 75 degrees when we were out today :) haha! We had people tell us that her blankets weren't thick enough and that it was too cold for her to be out - haha!
So tonight, she peed all over herself as we were changing her... so we decided it was time for her first bath... Well...
Needless to say (from the picture below)... she didn't like bath time... She screamed through the whole thing... Oh and in case you're concerned... no, that's not soap on her face, it's her little primi peach-fuzz hair :)
Afterwards she was pretty forgiving though :) haha! She's so cute all wrapped up in her towel :)
This pic (below) isn't that great photography-wise, but I thought she was really cute in it :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tiny Baby!

I love this pic below because it shows how tiny Aashini is :) And this picture is just too cute :) I think she's wondering how many pictures she's going to have to sit through before she eats :)
This picture is for Annie :) I look kinda rough in it, but she's cute in it (with her little elf hat on) :)
And another little burrito picture :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Little Gangster :)

These pics crack me up!!! Last night I was taking her picture (a little too close-up) and thought these were hilarious! When we left the hospital we had to have a hat on her. I brought a little hat from home to the hospital but it was HUGE on her it covered her eyes... so they let us keep the little sock-cap from the ICU. We think it makes her look a little Gangster... and sometimes just look like an elf :)
Mayank came to visit Aashini today :)
Aashini loves to be swaddled nice and tight... he's Adam showing off our little burrito. (You can see her little eyes wide open in this pic)
Then Adam thought it would be funny to look like he's eating that burrito.... hmm....
So I have to show this pic below to make up for the previous one :) Here's a pic of Adam having some good daddy-daughter time :)