Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pop Rock & ABCs!

** There is a short video at the end of this post if you want to go down there and press play/pause to let it load while you read **
Well, a lot of people have been asking me how this pregnancy is going so far, so I guess I'll answer :) I put in a few random Aashini pics so that it doesn't get boring :) haha! No really, I don't have much to say though. Last pregnancy I was miserably sick! I was pretty much in bed all day and throwing up all day. I couldn't even move a lot of days (or even shower!)! I also had extreme vascular headaches and I was miserable!!
Well, I've been afraid to say anything because it really hasn't been so bad! I feel nauseous every day, but not all day - usually in the evening. I haven't thrown-up at all! (yet)!! Last pregnancy my headaches started at about 8 weeks (there's a technical reason for that if you're interested :))... well, I'm currently 8.5 weeks.... and I've had one headache, but it wasn't too bad. I'm really hoping that it stays like this! I still have to stay inside a lot though - (When I get hot, I tend to get pretty nauseous, and it's over 100 outside most of the day (last night at 9:00 pm it was 95!) (heat experience from last pregnancy - if interested)) Although I've felt pretty blah! it really hasn't been bad at all and I really can't complain. I'm really praising G0d for this!!
So, for fun :) - Here' a video of Aashini :) I saw a friends little girl saying the alphabet the other day so we decided it was time to start practicing :) This video cracks me up for a couple of reasons :)
1. Aashini loves to see herself! She'll do all kinds of cute tricks and say fun things, but when the video camera comes out, she goes crazy! We always have to point the screen at her so that she can see herself, or else she will keep going behind the camera and looking at the video :) Aashini can't say her own name yet. She calls herself "Ni-Ni". She went through a phase where she said everything in double (dog-dog, bear-bear, ma-ma, etc), so when she said her own name it became Ni-Ni. We call her that a lot too and you'll see her call herself that when she sees herself on video (and you'll hear her say "no, no, no" when Adam tries to turn the video screen back to himself - haha!)
2. When she says the alphabet she usually gets hung-up on the letter "I". She'll point to her eye and then sometimes move on to other body parts (nose, mouth, etc)... it's pretty funny :)
3. Aashini's bandanna :) She LOVES to wear things on her head and when we pulled out the camera, she pulled out her bandanna :) haha!
So, without talking anymore, here's Aashini's take on the Alphabet:

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We'd like to introduce you to Baby #2....
Also known to us as...
POP ROCK! We had our first Ultrasound this week, and yes, there's only one baby in there (that's why it's "pop rock" and not "pop rocks" haha!). So... here's the baby!!!
It's a bad picture :) It's a photo of an x-ray (that's the kind of paper it was on... which makes it kinda hard to take a picture) :) It was a quick ultrasound, but everything is right on schedule and the heartbeat was great! :)

Here's a video if you're interested. It's not that interesting, but it's fun to hear Aashini say "baby" the whole time - haha! Anyway, if you're interested, here it is :)

Oh, and thanks everyone for the great baby name suggestions :) There were some great ones! You guys ROCK!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss Hawaii

Our neighbor in America has a daughter that lives in Hawaii. She went to visit her while we were in the states and brought back this cute dress for Aashini. Here are some pics of Aashini in her Hawaii dress :)
Here she is Blowing a Kiss (or doing the "Flying Kiss" as they call it here).
Here is Aashini in action - she's jumping :) She LOVES to dance & jump & spin in circles!
Aashini is loving getting dressed up more and more. It's fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everyday Aashini :)

Aashini is finally starting to like baths again (whew!). Here she is in her bath tub... "smiling" :)
Here's Aashini in her pool. It's been a great way to cool off lately - it's getting HOT! It was 105 the other day - already!! It's going to be REALLY hot next month!! So here is Aashini and her smile again :) If we tell her to smile, this is what she does :) I'm not sure why she does it... maybe she learned that from us :)
Marble is REALLY slippery when it's wet, so Aashini wears some little shoes when she swims :) She likes playing in the water and squirting us with water :)
Aashini is sleeping in her big bed now :) and she really likes to sleep very crooked or facing the wrong direction :) haha! :)
Potty training is still going good :) she still has an accident here and there, but she's doing great! She has one bad habit when it comes to going to the potty.... she usually feels like she has to bring some sort of toy with her. She'll tell us she needs to go and then she'll look for the perfect toy or book to bring with her. First it started off as just a book here and there.... then she wanted to bring a toy.... THEN, the other day she tried to bring her tricycle with her!! She's tried bringing some funny things, like a big box of toys, or a chair - it's pretty funny :) It's so cute too :) It's hard to say no :) haha!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HoPpY EasTeR!

Happy Easter Everyone!! Here's some pics from our Easter :) Last Easter was Aashini's first Easter, so she couldn't really get into the holiday :) This year, she had a BLAST! She thought hunting for eggs was the coolest thing ever!! She loved picking them all up and putting them in the basket!
We did a lot of egg hunting today :)
Aashini kept trying to give me eggs and would say: "This" as she gave it too me :)
We also hunted eggs on our little porch.
She looks guilty in this pic doesn't she?? haha!
During one hunt there was one egg she couldn't find and when she finally found it she was sooo happy!! :)
She thought it was the coolest thing ever!
We didn't get any pics of Adam & I today. This is the only one we have :)
Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update Fun :)

So here's a little Aashini update :) Potty Training is still going good. We have accidents here and there, but she's doing great! :) We've been taking her out a lot and we've been really impressed with her. One day we were out in a taxi, and Aashini told us that she needed to go, so we told the driver. He didn't mess around (he didn't want Aashini to go on his seats I guess) and stopped right where we were... on a flyover (overpass)... sooo... Aashini went #2 on the overpass! haha! Here's the flyover in the pic below :)
When we were out the other day, we stopped at McDonald's to eat. We got a Happy Meal so Aashini could have the toy. It was a "My Little Pony" with a comb. Well... my cute little hairless (now has some hair) girl doesn't know what a comb is... She has a little baby brush, but has never seen a comb (nor has she needed one :))... So... when she got the comb, she thought it was a fork. You can see in the pic below that she was eating with it (it's on the napkin) - haha!!
We had some friends move out of their house the other day, and they were selling a lot of their stuff. We bought a bunch of their stuff, so we were trying to figure out how to get it and Aashini to the rickshaw stand :) I love this pic - I think it's so cute!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guess What???

We're having a baby in December!!!!
I'm about 5 weeks along!
Our due date is about December 8 :) We're Excited!!!!!
So... we need your help. Before Aashini was born, we called her Jellybean :)... sooooo.... so that we don't have to call this baby "Little Baby" the entire pregnancy, we need your help coming up with a fun Little Baby name.... Should we stick with the candy theme? (Jr. Mint, Runts, Smarties, etc)... or go with the bean thing? (Black Eyed Pea, Kidney Bean - haha!, etc)... :) Do you guys have any ideas?? :)
Also, please pr for this pregnancy that it's NOTHING like the last one (except for the end result :))!
You guys ROCK!!!
And... because I don't like doing a post without pictures... here's a random Aashini picture :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Bully!

We take Aashini to the park a lot of afternoons (it's right next to our house) and let her play around with the kids at the park. Well, the other day, Aashini got to experience her first bully. Sure, sometimes kids are mean to each other, but then you have the bully.... The kid that is mean just to be mean and picks one kid to pick on... Meet our bully: Arun...
In this picture, you can see that Arun has taken Aashini's ball (He would actually spike it out of her hand!). Now, at first, Aashini didn't mind :) She likes to throw the ball back and forth with the other kids, and she likes to share her ball... BUT Arun just took her ball and stood there taunting her....In Walks the HERO! (the boy in the teal blue shirt)...
Hero boy did not like how Arun was treating Aashini, so he went after him to get the ball back! Look at that determined look on his face! There was a little bit of a scuffle...
Aashini was watching her Hero from a safe distance :)
Hero boy got the ball!! BUT, right as he was giving it to Aashini, Arun took it again... and the whole process started all over (and happened like that multiple times)...
Finally the "older kid" came to the rescue :) He took the ball back and told Arun to quit. Good job older kid!
(notice that we're just watching this and taking pictures :)... it was pretty entertaining)
Later, Aashini got on the merry-go-round and Arun was next to her and just started pinching her... The ball situation didn't really bother her, but the pinching did. It was so sad - she just looked at Arun and made this face that seemed to say that she was so confused why he would do that... Then she cried - LOUD! :)
So then she decided to play with the nicer kids :)