Friday, August 30, 2013

Speaking Competition - Show & Tell - Diya

Diya had her first speaking competition of the school year last week :) 
Before the competition began she went around to all of the parents and gave them a special paper and told them:  "Nursery B Welcomes You!"  (There is a video of all of this at the end of the post :))
 The performance began with a few poems and songs.
 This is Diya with her buddies in her class.  There aren't many girls, so they're pretty tight :) haha! :)
It was a "Show & Tell" competition.  Everyone picked a topic and talked about it.  The topics were quite random.  In the pics below, the topics (from LtoR) were:  "My Family", "Rainy Season", "Trees", "Hanburgers" and "Biscuits" (cookies).
 Diya was the last one to go on!  She LOVES that stuffed bunny and decided to use that as her topic.  
  Diya never wants to practice in front of us, so we weren't sure how she would do :)  She LOVES the stage and a microphone though! haha!
 She did great! :)
 After everyone was done speaking, they did a Taekwondo Presentation.
 Diya LOVES Taekwondo!
 Part of the Taekwondo Presentation was an obstacle course.  It was hilarious!
 At the end of the obstacle course they were supposed to jump and roll :) haha!  
 Then a few of them showed some Self-Defense moves.  Diya was so funny :)
 All the kids got Chocolate Bars at the end.  They were so excited! 
The kids then showed off their skills in the Computer Lab :)
And their puzzle skills :)
Here's a  video!!!

 Oh yeah, and Diya got First Place!!