Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie Theatre Fun :)

Aashini regularly cracks us up! She is hilarious. The other day in Bangkok we went to a movie theater. It's a huge fancy one. We wanted to take her to see a movie, but there weren't any kid movies out while we were there. Toy Story 3 wasn't going to be there until August, but they had some fun displays out! Aashini ran to this one when she saw it and climbed in the middle of the aliens before I could stop her. It's kinda like a "Where's Waldo" picture :)
haha! She makes me laugh :)
So, one of the weird things we like to do at this theater is to just buy popcorn and a drink and sit in the lobby area and eat it. There are huge TVs and movie screens all over the lobby showing previews and other things that it's quite fun and entertaining. They also have all kinds of cool popcorn flavors and it's much cheaper than buying popcorn at the theater in America....

So after we finished our popcorn, Aashini stuck the popcorn bucket on her head. She is a total class clown. The minute we laughed she started performing :)
She started running all around with the bucket on her head. It was hilarious.
She even had Diya laughing (I know, horrible picture). She loves making Diya laugh :)
She had a bunch of other people laughing at her as she danced around.
After we left there, she didn't want to take off her bucket hat, so we walked around the rest of the mall with our child with the popcorn bucket on her head... I know, classy, but we did enjoy the funny expressions people had when they saw her... hilarious!
Never a dull moment!


Carrie said...

She cracks me up!!!! Love it!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Too fun!

Aarmel said...

I love the popcorn bucket on her head!