Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoo Fun Again!

We have been to the zoo 3 times now. It's been a fun thing for us to do and Aashini has gotten some fun new experiences. She loves feeding the elephants now (she was pretty scared the first time).
She had no problem just sticking those cucumbers right into it's trunk!
On this zoo trip we went to the seal show. She LOVED it! It think it was one of her favorite things :)
She spent most of the show like this :) She really liked it :)
They had these funny little go-kart things at the zoo... they were really fun :)
Adam with his girls :)
Aashini eating some snacks :)
On this day there weren't many people at the zoo, so we had the animal show almost to ourselves (except for a few other people).
One of the birds took Adam's money :)
Aashini loves pandas :) She hung out with the pandas :)
She even gave them hugs ;)
She ended the day with a little chopstick drumming on bamboo :) what a fun day :) haha!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Zoo!

We have been having a lot of fun at the zoo :) The Chiang Mai Zoo is a really fun zoo. It's very unique too. It's up on the side of a mountain, so unless you want to really exhaust yourself, you can take the tram around the zoo to the different spots to see the different animals. These are pictures from our first zoo trip :)

Aashini thought the ostriches were funny :)
Aashini got to feed the elephant! She thought it was so fun!!
At first she was scared to feed him....
... and dropped the cucumber before it even got to his trunk :)
She got braver as time went on and had a great time :)
Have you ever seen the back of a zebra before? I didn't realize their backs looked like this - cool hunh?
They had pony rides at the zoo too... Aashini was scared of the pony and grabbed onto the man leading the pony and wouldn't let go :) haha!
Aashini loves panda bears. We went to the special Panda exhibit. This panda was really funny. He sat in his "easy chair" and ate carrots :)
Aashini liked him :)
She tried on this hat at the gift shop :) haha!
Adam took this picture at the Koala exhibit... he said it was a straight picture... what do you think? :)
Diya has been having at great time at the zoo :) She doesn't seem to notice or care about the animals, but she loves being out and about ;)
Here are a couple of pictures from our 2nd zoo day. I didn't take many pictures because we spent most of our time at the aquarium that day and it was super dark inside. If you look at Aashini in that picture you can see the water bottle around her neck. At the first tram stop at the zoo, there is a 7-11. They LOVE 7-11 here - it's funny :) Anyway, we usually stop at the 7-11 and get drinks to take with us. Aashini loves the waterbottles with the straps because she can wear it around her neck and drink whenever she wants :) She thinks it's so cool :)
At the end of the day, they're exhausted :) On this zoo day, Aashini could not stay awake and we had to carry her out :) Go Adam Go!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Thailand :)

Sorry we haven't posted as much lately. We're in Thailand and our internet access isn't great. Right now I'm at a computer lab checking email and posting a few pictures. The girls have definitely experienced some new things this trip :) Aashini had never seen the "cleaned and sanitized for your protection" strap on the toilet before and thought it was a Miss America sash :) haha!
Diya got to experience sink baths :) She loves the mirror so close and the faucet :)
There is a play place in the mall next to our hotel and Aashini has loved playing in it. This isn't a great picture, but this is one of Aashini's favorite parts of the play area. It is a small room where wind blows all around and there are balloons everywhere :)
The play place has a huge steep slide and Aashini LOVES it!!
Diya loves the balls :)
The kids are having a great time :)
Diya's first tooth has started coming through (we can feel it but not see it and she's been a little grumpy) so it's not the most fun she's ever had, but she's having fun!!! Oh, and she's now getting on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth!! It won't be long!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Fun ;)

Here are a few random pictures from the last few weeks...
We bought some new book shelves but haven't figured out exactly where we're going to put them yet, so Aashini has been playing with them. She stands behind them and calls it her store and pretends to sell things. She has quite the imagination lately!
We've been practicing sorting things lately - she thinks it's so fun!
Diya had a doctor's appointment the other day and had to get a shot. Aashini wanted to hold her hand while she got the shot. Although it's a bad picture, you can sorta see Aashini holding Diya's hand :)
Diya loves her dolls and toys. The other day she fell asleep like this - it was too cute!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Little Artist :)

Aashini loves coloring. She loves blank paper the best :) haha! The other day she drew this cute smiley face :) Every time she draws a smiley face she almost always draws a line for the forehead :) haha!
The other day she drew a picture of her buddy Hazel (or Pazel as she calls her). Here's Hazel's mom's blog and here are a few pictures of Aashini with Hazel while they still lived in South Asia :) Anyway, Aashini drew this picture of Hazel and was so proud of it :)
Here she is - all proud :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friends :)

Aashini LOVES friends. She gets so exited when we tell her friends are coming over or we're going to see her friends. She is quite the extrovert!
Diya loves her friends too :) Here's Diya with Aridhi :)
Here's Aashini with her buddy Sophy :) She loves Sophy and her sister Jenny. She also loves microphones :) haha!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Super Ni-Ni!

Aashini is hilarious - she really cracks me up :) The girl LOVES goggles or any kind of mask! I'm not sure why and it's so funny! She begs us to let her bring her goggles places. We have these funny green goggles from a friend that moved and she loves them! haha!
She calls herself "Super Princess Ni Ni" - it's so funny!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rolin' Rolin' Rolin'

Diya is quite the mover lately! She loves to be on her stomach a lot too - she's hilarious! She loves to lay on her stomach in her bouncy chair (she LOVES that chair!)...
OK, so this picture isn't that clear, but the other day she was in the bouncy chair and rolled out of it like she does all the time (she loves doing it so we don't buckle her seat belt when she's on the bed)... but the other day I had a plate of Nachos and she rolled right onto them!! haha! She was so happy on my nacho plate!