Monday, April 28, 2008

Play Day!

This weekend, our friends Aaron & Melanie and their son Josiah were in town, so us and the Roberts got together for some hangin' out and some Chinese food :) Aashini and Hazel had some good "hang-out time" :) They got to play with Josiah's ball...... and Aashini really liked it. We might have a little athlete on our hands :)
We decided to see how Josiah would like to hang out with the girls :) When Melanie first put him down, he looked like he was begging to be rescued! (notice how Aashini immediately put her hand on him :) - I think she really likes being around other people) :)
Then Aashini decided that she wanted to eat Josiah's arm... He didn't really like that... I wonder if Aashini is teething?... haha! Emily has a short video clip of this on her blog that we both think is pretty funny - if you wanna check it out, go to Emily's Blog :)
Then Aashini wanted to comfort Josiah and tried to hold his hand... But he had to be rescued - he had enough of hanging out with the girls :)
So then it was just the girls... We totally didn't pose this picture :) After Josiah left, they started to hold hands :) awww....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look Alike :)

I don't know if you remember or not, but I posted this picture a couple of months ago on my blog (back when Aashini had more hair)... She looked a little like Sting :)Today I noticed that she looked a little like someone else...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going Away...

Last night we had a Going Away party for James & Emily and another family that are leaving. It was a sort of Mexican party theme, so we thought the girls should dress up for the theme :) We found these "senorita" skirts for $1 in a market and thought they would be fun :) We took TONS of pictures! In the pic below you can see how Aashini looked in MOST of her pictures... She LOVED her skirt and could not stop looking at it! haha!! It was really funny!Now, our girls are pretty good at sitting up, but when one of them starts to lean...
... then they keep on leaning...
... until they end up falling - haha!
There's a new family that just recently moved to our city. They have a little girl too!! She's 9.5 months.
In all the pics, Aashini is touching the person next to her... I think she's going to be quite the extrovert, she just loves it when she's with friends.
Here we are with our girls :) (you can see Aashini is staring at her dress... haha! oh well)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Stuff

Today was day 3 of food... It's been so great! We were going to originally going to wait to start food until 6 months, but she quit sleeping (was sleeping about 3-4 hours a night - that's it) and was hungry about every 1.5 hours during the day! So we talked to her doc and decided it was definitely time to start food... and man, it's been great! Last night she slept almost 7 hours! whoo hoo!!! Thanks for all the food imput - keep it coming :) It's great!
I love the expression she's making in these two pics!
On a side note, we got these foamy mat things for her for the floor, so she can lay and play (and not on the hard marble :)). She will actually tolerate being on her stomach on it because she likes to look at it :)
Oh, and here's a video of Aashini & Hazel's pool party :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Food!!

Yesterday we gave Aashini food for the first time :) Here she is before we gave her food (in her AWESOME "My Mom Rocks" bib :)). She had no idea what she was in for...
We started with Rice Cereal.... She wasn't sure what to think...
And the verdict... Not so sure about the taste...
... but it sure is fun!
Then she decided that she wanted to help...
Then she took over the spoon...
And she didn't want to give it up :)
Overall, I think she enjoyed her eating time :)
Today was the second time we fed her. We made the rice cereal a little thicker today (yesterday it was really watery) and she didn't like it as much - it was funny! One thing she did like to do was to get the rice on her lips and then blow a raspberry... and fling rice all over Adam and I - haha!!
OK, so what do you guys think we should try next week?... the locals here actually start with dal (lentils)... but I'm not sure about that... Did you guys do fruit or vegetables first? What was the first fruit or veggie you did?
haha!! This is fun!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty Training Already??!?

OK, this is going to seem really weird to most of you :) haha! Here in South Asia most babies are potty trainied by the time they are one... yes, I did say one :) This is what they do: When the child can sit up (with support) then they will start the training. They figure out when the baby goes to the bathroom (ie - right after a nap, after eating, etc)... and put them on the toilet at that time and say something (like "shushu" - the Hindi word for pee... nice hunh? or make a shhhhhh sound). You keep them on the toilet until they pee (up to 15 minutes or so)... Anyway, supposedly by doing this, the baby is potty trained by one!

So we're attempting it... The first time we put her on the toilet, it took about 10 minutes, but now she goes almost immediately after we put her on. She always smiles really big after she goes too - I think she's really proud of herself :) It will be interesting to see if it works. We took this pic (below) just for fun - haha!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Talking & Fun :)

This week I went to see Dr. Gujral (the doc that delivered Aashini), so she got to see Aashini. She hadn't seen her since she was a week old, so it was fun :) Aashini seemed to really like her :)We never got one of those pictures that people take with the doc and the baby and mom by the bed after delivery... so this is as close as we have :) haha!
I like this pic (below) of Aashini sleeping on the way home :)
OK, and here's a quick video clip of Aashini "talking". She really does this all day!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pool Party with Hazel :)

Hazel came over for a pool party the other day :) It's already hot here - in the upper 90s most days - so the pool is a great way to cool off :) Adam and I usually get it with her too :) haha!
Hazel wasn't so sure what she thought about the pool... I think it was her first time in cold water... she wasn't sure if she liked it or not :) Aashini couldn't understand why Hazel didn't like her pool :)Aashini was so cute... it looked like she kept trying to comfort Hazel :)
Aashini even grabbed Hazel's hand at one point (Emily's Blog has a cute picture of that).
Although she didn't show it, I think Hazel started to have fun at the end :)
Yesterday at the market we randomly found a little swimsuit... so we had to get it for Aashini.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I can't believe Aashini si 5 months now!! Since she's turned 5 months, she's started doing some fun new things! Just today she's started rolling... front to back to front!! It's so cool! Last night she really started laughing! It's so cute!!
OK, so here are her 5 month pics :) I didn't do the best job at taking these pics... we don't really have any good backgrounds, so I had to use this sheet, but then everything is the same color -it's kind of "starchy" :) - Hopefully I'll find a new "background" soon :) Until then... She's super happy in the mornings, so it's the best time to take pictures - she's so smiley :) I love it! She had a lot of fun sitting next to her bear... but she didn't really sit still...
She really loves wearing dresses :) When she wears them she plays with it and eats it all day - haha!
She still hates being on her stomach :)
I like her pouty face in this pic (below) :)
Playing with her dress...
yay! 5 months old!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Movin' On Up...

There's a video at the end of the blog... go down and press pause and let it load while you read this post :)
Well, since tomorrow Aashini will officially be 5 months, I thought I'd do a post on all the cool new things that Aashini has started doing this month :) First of which is that she started skateboarding... and don't worry, we have all the proper safety gear :)She LOVES to look at her hands. This isn't a very good pic of it, but she really likes to do it. When we lay her down on her back she'll pick up her hands and just stare at them - so cute!
OK, so Aashini hasn't been the most consistant baby... when she was 1 month old, every time we would lay her on her stomach, she would roll over. She rolled over like crazy! After she went to the hospital (about 6 weeks), she quit rolling over... then, this month she rolled over again while we were in the Middle East... she rolled over almost every time we put her on her stomach... but then when we got home she stopped... Since then she's rolled from her back to her stomach a couple of times and once from her stomach to her back... so we'll see what next month holds ;) haha!
Aashini's friend Aridhi gave her this cute bear - and she really loves it. She plays with it and talks to it ;)
Aashini got to hang out with her buddy Samuel this month... she wasn't so sure what she thought about him :) He kept playing with her dress and kept wanting to kiss/eat her hand :) haha!
This last week, Aashini has been able to sit up by herself if we put her boppy around her!! How fun!!!
She LOVES to grab things with her toes... She's actually quite coordinated with her toes :) I think she plays wiht her toys as much with her toes as with her hands :) haha!!
She's also started sucking her thumb some this month.... she's really got it down too - she puts her fingers over her nose and everything - it's really cute ;)
It's definitely been a fun month! It's so fun to watch her grow and develop! Because she's a preemie, in some things, developmentally, she's supposed to be like a 3.5 month old and for some things, like a 5 month old. It's been so fun and so cute to see her grow! And man! does she TALK!! She is constantly making noise! haha! This will be another fun month!!

Here's a video from the last 4 months....