Monday, July 12, 2010

Buddies :)

While in Thailand, Aashini got to play with a lot of friends. Some were old friends and some were new :) This is sweet Sarah below. Her dad used to live near us a few years ago before getting married and moving to a different country. It was fun to get to see them and meet their daughter - she was so sweet :)
When we were at the Juniper Tree in Chiang Mai, there were a bunch of kids. Aashini made a lot of new friends and go to swim with a lot of fun kids ;)
While in Chiang Mai, we got to see an "old" friend too :) Josiah was born a few months before Aashini. Here's Josiah when he was 2 months old and we were still pregnant :) Here's Josiah and Aashini playing together as babies :)
Anyway, they live in Chiang Mai right now, so we got to hang out with them while we were there :)
One night we got to go over to their house and Diya got to meet Josiah's brother Casey.
Casey let her play in his walker and she loved it!
Josiah let Aashini ride his bike with him on the back! I love it!!! Aashini looks so big in this picture!!!!!
They were cute riding on the bike together :)
We tried to get them to sit together so we could take a posed picture of them... It didn't work... this was the best we could get :)
Aashini loves her friends :) She was glad to get home too and see her friends at school. Lately she's been talking about her friend Seema at school. She is so happy to be back at school. It's cute :)

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Emily said...

Awww! I love seeing pics of Aashini with some of Hazel's old friends. :) I went back and read the old blog links you put on there too because the memories are just too good!