Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Merry Christmas! I hope you guys all had an awesome Christmas! We had a great time :) On Christmas Eve we went to a party at our friend's house and we had Mexican Food and yummy desserts! Diya dressed up like a mouse :) It was fitting... (...'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - except for our little mouse!)
Christmas morning was fun. This Christmas Aashini really got into it. We didn't put any presents under the tree before Christmas because Aashini would have opened them (her birthday was so close to Christmas for her that it was confusing), so on Christmas Eve while she was sleeping, we put out all the presents. We closed all the curtains (we have curtains in our doorways here) and kept her out until we were all up and ready. Then we read the Christmas story and talked about the meaning of Christmas. After that we told her it was time for presents and she was excited! Here she is running into the room to open presents!
This is how Diya spent her Christmas morning :)
Aashini had so much fun! This spinning light ball thing was so cool :)
Opening presents ;)
I have a lot of pictures like this :) She got a baby Cabbage Patch Doll :) She loves to give her baby it's bottle :)
Aashini LOVES Elmo & Cookie Monster! She got a cute little Cookie Monster stuffed animal. She calls it Baby Cookie Monster :)
Aashini really had a lot of fun this Christmas ;)
I mean really!
After we opened presents and played for a while, we went to a friend's house with some other friends and had a big Christmas lunch and hung out. It was great! Later that afternoon we all met up at another friend's house to have desserts, play games & hang out. It was a lot of fun :) We always miss our families at Christmas, but all of us over here have a great time celebrating Christmas together! :) It was fun: )

Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Month!

Diya is one month old today! How fun! I can't believe we've had her one month already! Wow! The time has really flown by!!

So, in keeping with our traditions, we're taking a monthly picture with Diya and her stuffed animal so that we can see her growth. She got this cute build-a-bear dog for Christmas from my parents who is named Pop Rock :) (Aashini had a bear we named Jellybean - so we can remember the names we called them before they were born :))

This is one of Diya's pictures. This one cracked me up!
Just for fun, here is Aashini's one month picture :)
We took Diya's one month picture with Aashini's bear too, so that we could compare their size. It's hard to tell in these pics... but I think Diya is much bigger! They definitely look different hunh?
Aashini came to retrieve her bear - I think she wanted to make sure that we weren't giving her bear to Diya :)
And a random Diya picture just for fun :) This picture makes me laugh - as do all of them I think :) haha!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not a Creature Was Stirring...

... except for this little mouse (all night long!) :)
My parents sent Diya this cute little mouse suit - she is soooo cute in it!!
Diya has been a little grumpy the last couple of days, I think that there's something I'm eating that she doesn't like, so I'm trying to figure out what that is... hopefully it's not Chocolate!!! :)
This picture totally cracks me up! ;)
Aashini still really loves her little sister. She hasn't really had any jealousy issues or things like that -thank goodness! She ALWAYS wants to hold Diya and touch her... it's sweet :)
Aashini LOVES to take ornaments off the Christmas tree! She's not a huge fan of putting them on though :) haha! So there are ornaments all over the house :)
It's definitely fun to have 2 girls :) We're lovin' it! ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friends and Fun!

Aashini's buddy Hannah came through town the other day and they got to play together. It was so fun to watch them interact! They were even talking to each other - it was so fun :) They even attempted to share with each other :) haha!!
Aashini has had some fun new experiences - like riding in a backpack :) She only liked it for about 20 minutes!!
Lots of fun new adventures for this little 2 year old!
I haven't taken many pics of Diya - poor little 2nd born :( I'll take more soon :) I promise ;) For now, here's a Diya crying picture :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Firsts & Fun :)

Diya had her first bath the other day... she wasn't a big fan... Aashini is just now starting to like baths! haha! Hopefully Diya will like them earlier than that :)
Aashini's buddy Meri came over the other night - this picture is too cute :)
And this just made me laugh... I know some people have corns on their feet... but my daughter has whole ears of corn on her feet - haha!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had quite a few funny pictures that I thought definitely needed posting :) I like to call them the "outtakes" :) haha! Remember that awesome rangoli that our friends the Washas made? Well, it was very tempting for a 2 year old :) After looking at it for a few days, she decided that she ought to play with it :) She had a lot of fun! :)
We have a couple of hats for Diya that are from a store here called "Mothercare". This store has the biggest tags for the things they make! In this pic it was hanging out of her hat and I thought she kinda looked like a rapper :) haha!
Diya always wants something in her mouth. It's funny b/c here if a baby puts their hand in their mouth, they will take it out of their mouth as fast as they can. It's a cultural thing (and I can't quite figure out why)... anyway, Diya tends to end of with something in her mouth throughout the day. This one made me laugh :)
Not sure what happened here, but it made me laugh too :)
This face cracked me up! Too funny!
Definitely more outtakes to come!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Aashini's preschool is really great! We're all loving it! It was perfect timing to put her in school, because she has something she can go to that's "normal" every day, and gets out a lot of her energy too. She really loves it! On Fridays they do Taekwondo and are supposed to wear their Taekwondo uniforms to school. I haven't taken any pics of Aashini in her uniform yet, so we took some this morning ;)
Here is Aashini showing off one of her kicks (and a punch too I think) - haha! I love it!
This picture is totally my favorite. I love the pose she's doing (and the awesome view of her mullet :))
This picture scares me a bit :) haha! It looks like she's saying: "Come and get me!"
I know, I took a ton of pictures (and I'll post more on Facebook too!). This one was cute :)
I think she was actually dancing in this one...
I'll post more pics on Facebook in the next day or so :) Until then... watch out for this toddler! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

One Week!!!

Diya is one week old now! It's hard to believe that it's only been a week :) haha! A lot has happened in just one week :) Diya is a lot of fun :)
She really makes a lot of funny faces (I'll have some funny face pictures posted soon :))
As of now she has those baby blue gray eyes. I'm interested to see what color her eyes turn :) Her cord fell off yesterday (well, sorta, she still has a little piece of it there). This isn't a great picture, but I wanted to post it anyway :)
I had people requesting feet pictures :) I haven't been able to take any great ones yet, but here are a few :) Her feet are sooo different from Aashini's. When Aashini was born her feet were chubby. The top of her feet are "puffy"... and still are. It seems like Diya might have my feet... long flipper feet with long toes!
She is always wiggling her toes and it's really cute!
... and one last foot picture :)
More pictures to come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's fun to have 2 girls :) Aashini LOVES her new little sister :) (Although from the picture below, it's hard to tell if Diya feels the same way) :) haha!
Aashini has had a lot of fun being the big sister :) When she wakes up or comes home from school and sees Diya she comes running and says: "Baby Diya!"
Last night Aashini got to hold Diya for the first time. She was so proud of herself!
When Diya cried or moved Aashini would say: "WOW!" It was so cute!
Aashini loves to "pet" her sister. It's pretty funny. We tell her to touch her softly, and Aashini puts her fingers all together and "pets" her (see pic below). It's cute :)
She also loves to give Diya kisses!
Yesterday we had to take Diya to the doctor to check her billirubin levels (she looks a little yellow), so they took her blood and she had a bandage on it. Aashini kept kissing Diya's "boo boo". It was sweet.
So there are some fun sister pictures :) I guess I need to post one of just Diya :) I'm going to take some better pics of her soon, but right now we have a million things going on! I'll post some better pictures soon :)