Thursday, November 14, 2013

Aashini is SIX!!!

 We had a small birthday party for Aashini's Sixth Birthday :) Aashini LOVES bugs!!!  So.... we had a BUG PARTY!!!!!!
We played "Scary Butterfly" (Hot Potato) :)
 My kids hadn't played that game before... Diya thought it was the best game EVER! haha!
 We did bug relay races... :)
 We had the party at a public park, so we had a few on-lookers :)
 Our Buggy Friends :)
 We took the little caterpillars and made them into cocoons ;)
 They make great Cocoons :)
 Then they busted out and turned into butterflies :)
 They made their own caterpillars too :)
 The finished products :)
 Cake Time!  The cake frosting was a MESS!  The cake looked horrible! haha!  Aashini liked it though, so that's all that matters :)
 All of the kids had magnifying glasses and we had a clear bag full of bugs that they could look at... It got dark really early that night, so we used the light on my phone so that they could see the bugs! haha!  Here's Deepa holding my phone :) haha!
Aashini is now SIX!  Such a big girl! :)