Friday, October 26, 2012

Dusshera with the Kiddos

This year our neighborhood was pretty active for Dusshera.  The school next to our house had big celebrations all week, and even had a carnival on Dusshera.  
 The kids love Carnival rides...  This Man-Powered one made me smile :)
 It got really high!!!
 The kids loved the swinging cars....
 Here's Diya being goofy :)  She was afraid of the Ferris Wheel, so I stayed behind with her while Adam took Aashini on it....
 Here they are on the Ferris Wheel... it went REALLY fast!!!
 Aashini had fun on the inflatable slide!  I had quite the battle trying to get Asahini on it though!  There were TONS of people!!!
 Aashini LOVED it!
 Her tongue always cracks me up!!
 Then they rode the train... they though it was so cool to be in the front!
 Aashini kept her hand out for high 5s :)
 On our roof we watched the effigies blow up... Diya held onto our ears and onto our neighbor when it went off :)  She didn't like the sounds of the explosions!
After the festivities were over, our street was PACKED with people!!!!
The girls had a lot of fun on this night :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stop! Henna Time! :)

Aashini is a HUGE fan of Mehndi! The other night, Aashini went with Adam to teach in a neighborhood near our house.  The ladies there are super awesome!!  One of the ladies, Sangeeta, is great at Mehndi and put some on Aashini.  She's never had this much Mehndi done on her before and she LOVED it!
 Aashini was proud of her Mehndi!! :)