Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All about Aashini! :)

Here's a post all about Aashini :) This first picture is from Thailand (one I forgot to post). When we rode the SkyTrain, she LOVED to put the coins in the "ticket machine".
Here is Wild-Hair-Aashini with Dr. Gujral (the doctor that delivered both girls) :)
In Thailand just about everything is cute :) haha! They sell erasers everywhere that are shaped like food. They're cheap and REALLY cute ;) We bought a few packs for Aashini to play with. She made lots of meals for her dinosaurs :)
The girl loves dinosaurs :) haha! This dinosaur is eating sushi :) Awesome!
Here is Aashini running around the house :)
Aashini is talking up a storm now! It's so fun :) She is quite the wild child :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All About Diya! :)

I haven't posted many pics of Diya, so I thought I'd take this time to post some more Diya pics ;) Here is a pic of Diya with Dr. Gujral (my doctor that delivered her). She Rocks! :)
Diya was really grumpy the other night and Adam was rocking her in the rocking chair. This picture makes me laugh. She looks so different and is on the verge of tears :)
In this pic you can see that she has blue eyes. They look a lot like Aashini's did at this age, so we're thinking they're going to stay blue. We'll see :)
Caught this picture in the middle of a "coo" :)
So, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why we didn't pick an "A" name for Diya. I've been meaning to write about this because a of people have been wondering. Well, we would have loved another "A" name, but we really couldn't find one that we liked, was easy to pronounce, and had a meaning we liked... so... that's how she got a "D" name :) This picture makes me smile :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Thailand Pics ;)

We're back from Thailand :) I was requested to post more Diya pics :) I haven't been great at post pics... mostly because most of the time she doesn't look like she does in these pics. Our poor little Diya is very colicky... so she's upset a LOT. Poor thing... Here are a few happy Diya pics ;)
When we were staying in Bangkok, we put Diya in this swing and it helped her to stop crying :)
... and even put her to sleep :)
Aashini had a lot of fun in Bangkok. We stayed at a guesthouse that had a lot of other kids that were staying there. She always had someone to play with.
Aashini had a great time in Thailand but she was also really glad to be home ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fantasy Land!

The other day we took Aashini to Fantasy Land! It's a little temporary amusement part set up for kids by one of the malls (Bangkok is the land of malls!!) :)
I think Aashini's favorite was the Ferris wheel :)
There was a big pool of water they had set up to paddle boats in :)
It was funny to watch everyone. Most people didn't know how to paddle :)
Aashini thought she was awesome at paddling :)
They had lots of fun inflateables. She loved the one where she could climb up and slide down. She really likes climbing up things (like her Masi) :) Here she is sliding down the slide with the Thai lady that was working that ride (wouldn't that be a fun & tiring job?). It's not a great picture, but I loved Aashini's face :)
They also had one of these "prove you're a man and ring the bell" games. Adam got it on the first try and thought he was the man :) haha!
Aashini did pretty good herself :)
They had a bounce house and we thought Aashini would be too scared to try it. We were wrong...
She LOVED it!!
She did spend most of her time on the ground though :) haha!
Only one day left before we get to go back home ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirt is Fun :)

Our porch was really dirty the other day and we didn't realize it :) (it's cleaned every day, but those little places kids seem to find weren't so clean :) haha!) Diya wanted to play outside and after a few seconds we see this:
She was quite dirty and happy... but she doesn't look so happy here :) haha!
She kinda looks like a bruiser here :) haha!
She had fun - she's a funny kid :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Shots :)

Here are a few random shots of the girls from the last week :) Diya LOVES to be on her stomach! Aashini hated it :) It's funny how different they are in a bunch of little different ways :) If Diya is really grumpy, we let her take a nap on her tummy if we're sitting near by... She sleeps so well :)
I took this picture the day we left. The Capital was cold!! It's hot here in Bangkok!
Here's Aashini on our trip :) She LOVED having her own seat! This is how she spent most of the flight... curled up in her seat with her headphones watching "UP"... she did sleep a little bit :)
Here is Diya on her very first airplane trip!!
This is Aashini dancing on her bed with "baby cookie" in our room in Bangkok :) Aashini LOVES to dance around to music :)
here is Diya chillin' in Bangkok :)
More to come...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kiddo Update :)

We're about to head out of country for our visa, so I needed to post some pics (it will be a few days before I can post any more :))... I took a few pics of Diya the other day that I thought were fun :) She's started smiling a little, so that's been really fun :)
Here's a little half-grin... I think I had a lot of school pictures where I was half-smiling :) haha!
The other night we found Aashini sleeping in her bed like this - haha!
Here's my doctor - Dr. Gujral - with Diya :)
And with Aashini... look at Aashini's wild hair! haha! She has enough hair for pig-tails these days... IF she lets me do her hair ;) haha!
Here is Aashini at her school the other day. She eats the local food at her school in the mornings and has gotten really good at eating food with the bread (roti). This picture wasn't taken on a normal school day though... we were there signing Diya up for school - haha! I know, sounds crazy hunh? Well, they gave us a deal... if we signed Diya up for school before Jan 1, they would lock her in at the prices that we are paying for Aash (and they were doubling it on Jan 1 - so who knows how much it would cost in 2 years!)....
So we signed her up. They always give gifts to the kids when they enroll, so Diya got a gift - haha! She got a basketball goal!! haha! I'm sure she'll get some good use out of it :)
Aashini got to ride the airplanes at the mall the other day - she loved it!
Aashini loves to get on Adam's back while he does push-ups :) She thinks it's really fun. He likes it too because when he's done, she cheers for him! haha!
And I took some more Diya pictures ;)
Here's a little grin!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't believe 2009 is over! When I look back at pictures from 2009 it seems like so long ago but at the same time... not so long ago... Yeah, I know that didn't make sense :) haha! Anyway, I wanted to post some of my favorite pics and memories from 2009. You can click on any of these picture to enlarge them :)

Here are some of my favorite pics of Aashini from 2009 (Diya will get one of her own next year, I didn't have very many pics of her this year :)) We spent a few days of 2009 in America, Aashini started potty training, started pre-school, drank out of her first water fountain (It's a big deal here :) haha!), vacationed in Thailand, became a model for Lilliput Stores, turned 2, and had a blast!!
Here's some of my favorite family pictures and favorite family memories.... so I was basically pregnant this whole year... haha!
Jaya got engaged AND married, we got pregnant and had a sweet baby girl, my sis came to visit, we got to hang out with some great friends in the states, and had a great time in our awesome city!
Here are a few pics that didn't make it into the other two - so they got their own... it's kinda like honorable mention :) The big group picture on the bottom left is from our intern reunion we had in the states (one of those pics did make the above pic :)) - it was AWESOME to see some of our great friends from college (thanks for getting us all together Christine!!), jsut a lot of pictures that make me smile :)
Thanks to everyone that made our 2009 so awesome! Thanks for all of your prayers, love and funness :) haha! You guys ROCK!