Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fun Friends!

While in Nepal we got to meet up with some fun friends we haven't seen in a while :)
 The kids had fun playing together :)
 The adults had fun talking together! haha!  I look horrible in this picture! haha!  I had a vertigo episode the day before and I still looked pale :) haha!
 ... not sure what was going on in this picture :) haha!
 Playing "Ring Around the Rosies"  (or as Aashini calls it... "Ringa Ringa Roses")
 We met up with some other friends at an amazing 2 story play place!!!!!  It was awesome!  The kiddos LOVED it!
 The kids all tried to get into this together :) haha!
There was a fun climbing wall there too!!
 They had this fun train.  It went super fast! 

 We all ate lunch together afterwards :)  It's so fun that the kids are big enough to sit at the "kid's table" haha!!!

The Kids in Kathmandu!

The kids had a great time on our trip to Kathmandu, Nepal.   
 Here are the girls in our room.  We stayed in an awesome guesthouse!  It was cheap and super nice!  The staff was super cool too!  We'll definitely be going back! 
 One restaurant we've always heard about was "The Lazy Gringo".  We couldn't wait to try it!  
 Here are the girls around the Stupa :)
 They had a great time feeding the pigeons :)
 They thought it was so fun!!!
 They had a great time in Kathmandu :)