Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun with Friends :)

Some of our fun friends are in town right now having a baby :) We went over the other night to hang out and Aashini had a blast!
Aashini & Sarala dressed up in Sarala's princess dresses and they had so much fun together all dressed up :)
They kept jumping up and falling down on the couch...
It made for some really funny pictures :)
Aashini got some pretty good air time :)
This picture really makes me laugh :) I love Sam's face in this picture - it's too cute!
Sarala even had magic wands! :)
Later, Aashini dressed up with the boys :) She was Woody and they were Buzz :)
I love it! Their bucket helmets were so cute!!!
Yay for fun friends! :)


Brandy said...

Awesome!!! Such fun pics. I really like the one that Aashini got some serious air! I might swipe them for our blog since I didn't take any. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of days!

Erin G said...

sarala = pretty name. She and Aashini look so sweet together, jumping.

This post reminds me, do y'all have Toy Story 3 in your city yet? If so, go see it! Sooooo good. I started crying 20 mins in, and didn't really stop til it was over (yes, I am an emotional basket case, thank you for asking). I don't know why I was so invested in that movie (I didn't LOVE the first two), but MAN IT GOT TO ME. Go watch it if you have a chance. :)

Anthony and Sharon said...

Too fun! Isaac jumps like that all the time and I've never thought to take pictures!
Does Aashini have any princess dresses? I know she plays dress-up, but any princesses?

Emily said...

Oh you know Hazel would've been all over those princess dresses!! Wish we could've been there to join in the fun. :)

Emily said...

And by the way, those jumping pics are awesome!!