Friday, August 24, 2012

Diya Diva :)

 I have some fun/funny pics of Diya, so I thought I'd post them :)
Here is Diya being a DJ at our friend's house :)
 I had to post two pics because it cracked me up so much :)  (how does she know to do that?!?)
 Diya LOVES to dress up!  She likes to wear dupattas when she dresses up :)
The other day she really wanted two braids in her hair like Aashini had that day.  So I attempted 2 braids in her hair :)
She thought it was awesome :)  
 She really did feel awesome... so awesome, that she went to the bathroom and sang and danced for a while :) haha! :)
Diya wanted to tell the Jonah story too... she got a little confused along the way and it turned into another story :) haha!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aashini has Glasses!

 Aashini has complained a couple of times recently that it's hard to see the board at school, so we took her to get her eyes checked the other day.  She was slightly nearsighted, so he recommended getting glasses and wearing them at school and when watching TV.  
Here is Aashini getting her eye test (she was too small for the other test).  What's great is that the exam AND the glasses cost a total of $20! Awesome ;)
 We picked out her glasses and then came back a couple of days later to get them.  I love Aashini's face in this picture :)
 Diya wanted to be supportive (or just be cool)... so she wore her play glasses when we came to pick up Aashini's glasses :)  Diya always puts them on upside down :) haha!
 Adjusting her glasses :) haha!
Here she was this morning right before school.  Her first day with glasses :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun Times!

I have some more random pictures to post :)  
Here is Diya running and playing with her buddy one Sunday morning :)
 This is an older picture (Aashini's hair is almost twice as long now!) but I never posted it... so thought I'd post it now :)  It makes me laugh!  Aashini "cooking in the kitchen" and Diya getting into trouble while dressed up in her dress-up clothes :) haha! 
 Diya playing on another Sunday morning :)
 Sometimes after school we get balloons from the guy that sells balloons near the exit of the school :)  This umbrella balloon was one of Diya's favorites :)
 A little dress-up fun :)  (Aashini is a rockstar adn Diya is a princess" :) )
More to come...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Aashini the Storyteller - Part 2

Here's a video of Aashini telling the Jonah Story before bedtime (notice the crazy bedtime hair!) :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Family Day 2012!!! (aka Anniversary)

 HaPpY FaMiLy DaY!!!!
August 10th is our wedding anniversary.  This year was our 10th Anniversary and we decided to start a new tradition!  We decided to start "Family Day" to celebrate the day we became a family :)

This year we decided we were going to give the girls gifts...
Aashini LOVES art and being crafty and creative, so we cleaned off my desk (that I never use anymore) and filled it full of art stuff (crayons, markers, paper, tape, glue, scissors, etc).
 Here is Aashini when she first saw her desk... she was SOOOOO excited!!!!  It was so cute!  She spends at least an hour every day at her dest (and many days, much more!)
My funny girls :)
 Diya LOVES fashion, dress-up, dolls, doing hair, etc... so we made her a fashion station.  
 This is what was in her fashion station :) 
 Both girls had fun playing with it and fixing their doll's hair, doing their make-up and even dressing up themselves :)
 This cracks me up... I think Diya looks like Elton John here :) haha!
 Aashini dressed up like a princess :)
 Diya showing off her new style :) haha!  The girl walks around the house all day with high heels on! haha!  She wears them all day!
 They had a long weekend, so we were going to celebrate Family Day mostly on Saturday... BUT all night Friday night (our Anniversary), Aashini was up throwing Up... so she wasn't 100% on Saturday morning.  We were going to try and go Ice Skating, but she' wasn't up for it... so instead, we did painting! :)
 Later that day, we pulled out their princess tent to play in :)
 That night we made a big tent in the living room, ordered pizza and watched a movie together.  The girls got to sleep in the tent all night :) 
It was a fun First Annual Family Day :)  We're definitely going to repeat this next year :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Fun :)

 Here are a few pictures that don't really go with anything... so they get their own random post :)
My Silly Girls!
Aashini made Adam out of play-dough the other day :)  I thought it was cute :)
 After Diya's school photoshoot this past weekend, we went up to Aashini's class for a second and she showed us her class quickly.  I thought this class poster was fun :)  It's all the kids in her class :)
 Aashini's is the one on the top right :)  Here's a close-up :)  Too cute :)  (I was quickly taking a picture, so it's not a great shot... I'll get a better one later :))
 Anyone, just some random pics :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Foto Fun!!!

 Diya had a photoshoot at school this past weekend.  The family was supposed to be in a few pictures too :) I grabbed a couple of pictures too :)  This isn't a great one... but I thought it was cute :)
 Diya smiling sweetly for the camera :)
 Diya got home and dressed up the way she thought she should be dressed up :) haha!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Friendship Day!

 Yesterday was Friendship Day.  The girls celebrated Friendship Day at school on Friday and gave their friends bracelets.  Aashini was all about it!  
She had fun :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aashini the Storyteller

Aashini loves stories and telling stories!  She also loves princesses, so the the other day we let her watch Ella Enchanted (another twist on the Cinderella story).  This is her re-telling ("reading") that story the next morning (and singing the closing song .. haha!).