Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Activities :)

For Christmas, the Children's Min at our Chuch took the kids to a Girl's Home to do a program for the girls that live there.  
 Aashini LOVED singing for them :)
 Diya was super shy at first, but then warmed up later :)  Here she is singing :) I think she looks cute in this picture :)
 Here's Aashini singing :)
 Next they did crafts :)
 Aashini made friends with one little girl... she patiently stood there while the girl examined her skin ;) haha!
 The kids gave gifts to all of the girls.  Aashini gave a gift to her little friend first :)
 Diya loved giving gifts too!
 After that, we all ate!  It was a lot of fun :)  The kiddos had fun :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - Kiddos!

 There were lots of kids in town this Thanksgiving :)  They had so much fun!!!
We spent some time at the park... the guys played American Football and the kiddos played at the park :)
 I thought this picture was cute :)
 They had so much fun!
 I love Aashini's face in this picture :)
Diya had a lot of fun too :)
HaPpY ThAnKsgiVinG!!!

Retro Post - Princess Party! (Diya 2, Aashini 4)

This post is over a year late....Last year we had a joint Birthday Party with our girls and our friend's girls.  The day we had the party was the day that my Meniere's Disease began.... Many things got pushed aside with my lack of "non-dizzy time"... and this blog post was one of them!  
So... better late than never!  here it is!

Our girls have November birthdays and our friend's girls have October and December birthdays... They were turning 1, 2, 3 & 4!!!  So... we thought we'd have a joint Birthday Party :)   Our girls all love anything Princess... so we had a princess party!  
Starting with a little tea party time...

Aashini was loving it!
Diya was loving it as well!!
We did a little "Pin the kiss on the frog" :)
We played some fun games :)
...Lots of fun games!   
Diya had a few "It's my Party and I'll Cry if I want to - moments"
...Playing the Princess and the Pea game...
You had to lay on the pillows and guess which pillow had the pea (green tennis ball) under it :)
Aashini was loving it!
Diya was super excited about "food time" :)
Here are the kiddos eating their food :)
Here's the awesome Birthday Cake!  (Made by Karen) :)
Diya was a little emotional on this birthday :)  Poor thing!

I think Aashini looks cute in this picture :)
Here are the Birthday girls!!

Chowin' down on Birthday Cake!
They had a super fun birthday party!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Diya's 3rd Birthday!!!

 On November 26th, Diya turned THREE!!!  I can't believe she's three! :)   On Thanksgiving we had a get together with our friends, so we did a Birthday celebration while we were there :)   Here's Diya's Cake  :)  (Diya loves Chocolate and GEMS - our version of M&Ms :))
 I never got a great picture... but here's Diya waiting for her cake!
 Everyone singing for her :)
 .... blowing out her candles :)
 As per "South Asian Style", she cut the first piece of cake :)
 Diya LOVES chocolate!!!
 Another South Asian tradition that we love is giving gifts to your friends on your birthday.  Diya loved giving gifts to her friends :) It makes your birthday a lot more fun to celebrate your friends on your birthday :)  Fun idea!
 That Saturday they had a birthday party at her school for the kids with November birthdays.  
 She LOVED it :) 
 Here's Diya with her teacher :)
 Here's Diya with one of her fellow November Birthday buddies.  This girl is in her class but I think is a year older than her (and everyone else in the class!) :)  They are good buddies though :)
 Diya had a good birthday! :)

If you want to go back at look at previous birthday posts... here ya go!

Diya's 2nd Birthday Party - Joint party - Princess party  (will post this one later... it was on the day my Meniere's Disease started, so I never ended up posting on it...I'll go back and do it soon!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Silver Medal Winner!

 A couple of weekends ago Diya had an awards ceremony.  They had a big Sports Day at school the week before, and the winners of the races got awards and medals :)  
They started off the ceremony with a Taekwondo presentation.  It was super cute!!
They also did a yoga demonstration.
At the end of the demonstration, the yoga instructor stood in the middle and did a SUPER LONG hand stand... half of the time he had his legs in the air, and the other half, on his head!
It was pretty impressive!
Next was the awards!  Diya won the Silver Medal in the MasterChef Race!  :)  
She was super proud to be standing there up on stage :)
Here she is after she got her medal :)  She thought it was awesome :)
Here she is leaving the stage... that's Ritu Ma'am with her... one of her teachers.
Here is Diya with her head teacher Sonal Ma'am :)  During the awards, we were sitting on the front row and Aashini was cheering and waving loudly!  It was super cute!!
Some of the other races were funny!!  The Debang Race...
I'm not sure which race this was, but all the kids had mustaches (even the girls!)
Aashini was dying to get up on stage!  After it was all over, she ran up on stage and we took her picture :) haha!
Diya with her Silver Medal!!!
... and another picture of Diya with her medal :)
... and one more :) haha! :)
Way to Go Diya!!!! :)

Here's a video of Diya getting her award... it's not the best video... i was trying to take pictures and video at the same time! haha!  It's not the best, but it's pretty cute :)
(they announce Diya's group while the other kids are still on the stage - the beginning of the video).