Friday, March 28, 2008

First EaSteR!

This Sunday was Aashini's first Easter :) So of course we had to take pictures in her cute new Easter dress :)
We bought this little hat to help with the summer sun... we thought it looked kinda like a little Easter hat (or bonnet :)) haha! I like this pic - she looks so cute petting the little lamb :)
I really think that she likes to get all dressed up...
Or maybe she just likes all the attention she gets when she's all dressed up :)
I think Aashini had a good Easter - I can't wait until next Easter when she can actually hunt eggs :)
She sure does like holding and looking at eggs though :)
Hope everyone had an awesome Easter!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buddies :)

Last night Hazel came over to play :) So of course we had to take some pictures - haha!
The girls were a little tired an not so interested in the pictures :)
Aashini got a little upset at one point :)
But then she had fun again :)
Then we laid them on their stomachs... they didn't really like that :) haha! This picture cracks me up!!
That's it for now - I still need to post Easter pics :) I'll do that soon :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aashini's First Holi

Today was Aashini's first Holi :) I'm really not sure what she thought about it. She made some funny faces though :) This was my fave face she made...
She got pretty colorful, but luckily we put coconut oil all over her and the colors came off pretty easily :)
But she didn't get quite as colorful as Adam got :)
Aashini LOVED her bath afterwards though :)
So, not much else to say but HaPpY HoLi!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last MiddleEast Pics

Aashini really had a lot of fun on our trip :) These two pics are from the pottery place where they showed us how they make pottery :) Aashini was constantly smiling in there - I think she really liked the potter's wheel :)
While staying with our friends, we played a lot of Settlers of Catan with our friends. Aashini got into it too some nights :) She loved looking at the cards and concentrating on them :)
Adam and I had never seen the movie "Signs"... so one night we watched it... and the next night, Carie and I just had to make these awesome hats :)
Aashini wasn't sure what she thought about the hats :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

First Trip to the Beach!

Today was a first for Aashini! Today was her ver first time at the beach!! Today we went to the Gulf of Arabia (or Persian Gulf as we say in America). It's so cool to me that the Gulf of Arabia is the very first ocean that Aashini ever saw or touched! How fun :)
We wern't sure how she was going to like it, but she LOVED it! We were in the middle of a dust storm, so it was super windy and a little chilly. She really loved the wind in her face - it was funny how much she loved it! We stuck her feet in the water and it was a little cold but she really loved it!! It was funny!
Here she is touching the water :)
She made that face (in the pic below) the entire time. It was funny :)
Here's a pic of Carie & I... we couldn't keep our head coverings on with all the wind - it was pretty funny :)
There were lots of people there at the beach grilling out :) It smelled so good!
It's crazy how windy and dusty it was in the dust storm... You can see in the picture below the brown haze we were in - it was cool :)

Aashini in the Middle East

Aashini has been having fun hanging out here in the Middle East. Aashini loves to sleep with her hands by her head... Today, we were at a mall, and Aashini fell asleep in her sling like this:And.... I REALLY think Aashini might be teething.... is 4 months too young to be teething?? She was knawing on her finger and fell asleep with her finger in her mouth in this funny position :)
So today I was taking pics of Aashini and she made so many funny faces that I had to post a bunch of them....


Saturday, March 8, 2008

First Flight!!

Aashini made it through her first flight!!! The airport in the Capital has been crazy lately with all the construction... so it takes about 3-4 hours to get through the whole thing... BUT, not for us!!! So, after we checked in (we got to check in at the first class counter with no waiting because we had a baby! ) Then, there was a line for passport control... it was a line that took people about 2 hours to get through... well, the lady that checked us in at the first class counter, escorted us to the FRONT of that line (so we only had to wait a couple of minutes). So, for the rest of the trip we got to go to the front of lines becasuse we had a baby! It was awesome!! So, on the flight, we got the bulkhead with the bassinet. It was great!! Aashini did great and took an awesome nap!
I on the other hand, didn't do so good... I get dehydrated very easily for some reason, and I didn't take into the fact that I can get dehydrated very easily on a plane AND I'm nursing, so, I got dehydrated and was REALLY sick for the end of the flight. I was sooo nauseous... no fun. I'm just now recovering!! BUT I did get to see a movie before I got sick... I finally got to see Enchanted - it was fun ;)
BUT, Aashini did great! We flew Qatar Airways and it was awesome! They gave Aashini this awesome stuffed airplane that vibrates. She loved it :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


OK, so tomorrow Aashini is "officially" 4 months old! Crazy!!! So... since we'll be going out of town tomorrow, I'll go ahead and post her 4 month stuff today :) I was planning on taking more pics, but it never happened.... things got a little crazy! :)
This pic (below) is her superman (baby) pic :)
This pic below cracks me up! I think she's making a funny face :)
Here she is hanging out with her Florida State Shirt! Whoo hoo!!!
I love this little face she's making :) So cute!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ball Pit :)

We bought Aashini some fun balls to play in (for the story, check out the other blog). I'm sure she'll enjoy them much more in a couple of months, but she sure had fun playing with the other day :)
She was even able to pick up the balls!! I can't believe how big she's getting!!!
I like this picture :) She's sticking her tongue out at Adam :)
I thought her feet were cute sticking out of the balls :) They usually aren't flat like this... so I had to take a picture :)
They're usually curled up like the pic below... She even tries to grab things with her toes - it's aweosme!
At the end, we laid her on top of the balls... when she started sinking in them, she was NOT happy - haha!

There will definitely be more ball pics in the future :) They're just so bright at fun! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random Pics :)

So here are a few random pics of Aashini :) I think the pic below is cute :) Aashini is wearing one of her Bum Genius Diapers... We did a little photo shoot of her in her diapers for her 4 month photos (which, although she's 16 weeks old, I'm told I can't celebrate her 4 month until the 7th of this month, so you'll have to wait for the rest)... I took this one as I was readjusting "the set" and she just kinda laid down - I thought it was cute :) I like how her little back foot is up too :)Aashini loves to curl up her little toes... she always seems to have them curled. Her feet are very ticklish too - it's funny!
Aashini has also started putting things in her mouth (the fun begins!) :) She has this funny little stuffed spider (that only has 6 legs...) and it's really easy for her to hold - and just the right size to put in her mouth :)