Monday, September 30, 2013

Diya - Annual Day - Retro Post - March 2013

Diya had her Annual day at the end of the school year.  Things got crazy and I forgot to post about it.  So... better late than never!
 Their grade did a patriotic dance.
 Diya LOVED it and was so proud of herself!  She talked about it for WEEKS!
 She was a little distracted by the guys behind her waving flags though :) haha!
 Here's Diya with one of her best friends... Heemanya.
  They're cute :)
 I like Diya's pose here :)
 It was a cute little dance :)
 Here's a video of her performance if you want to see it :)

Here she is afterwards :)
The ride home :) haha!

Friday, September 27, 2013

PTM - Parent Teacher Meeting - Aashini

Aashini had a PTM a couple of weeks ago (Parent Teacher Meeting).  They did it a little differently this time.  Half the class came at once and the kids did a small presentation for the parents.  
Here's Aashini with some kids in their classroom.
 This is Aashini's teacher - Harveen Ma'am.
 Here they are doing the presentation.  A couple of kids read out questions, and the kids sitting on the front row answered the questions.  Aashini was in charge of telling them if their answer was right or wrong.  If it was right she gave them a "smiley". :)
 It was cute :)  Aashini was funny :)
 Aashini and her smiley :)
Here's a short video :)