Friday, July 30, 2010

All About Aashini :)

Aashini is a big goofball! She's so much fun :) She LOVES dressing up and dancing around. When she puts on her butterfly wings, she says she's "Bug Girl". We have a DVD with a few Backyardigans episodes and in one of them, one of the characters is a super hero named "Bug Girl"... and since Aashini loves bugs, she couldn't resist! :) She loves running around as "Bug Girl". :)
Aashini says some words with a Hindi-English (Hinglish) accent. Instead of "poems" - she says "poi-yums". There are some other funny words but they're hard to write out - I'll have to get a video :) One word she says funny is "hungry"... she says: "hung-a-Lee" :) It's funny :) At school, the teachers always write on her hands... if she completes her tasks for the day and things like that, she gets a star on her hand... but some days she comes home with more than that...
On this particular day she had rainbows on her palms :) haha!
Aashini has some pretty crazy hair ;) On humid days it's really curly and cute... but some days it kinda looks like Heath Ledger's old hair-do :)
Aashini loves getting her nails done! That is her new favorite thing!
Aashini has been really afraid of water. When we were in Thailand I would take her to the pool and she would rather play around the pool than in it and cries for some of her time in the pool. Finally, after playing with kids her age (and a little older) she got braver and had a lot of fun! Now she's not afraid to swim by herself! By the end of our time, we were throwing her in the pool and she was loving it :) Here's a short video of Aashini swimming... it's so funny to watch to me... she's so wiggly! :)

We love our little Bug Girl :)


Carrie said...

Love this blog post! She is such a cutie!

Sara Beth said...

So cute! She and Zion are into a lot of the same things...but you can tell Zion has an older brother...she's not that girly, except about her toes!

Emily said...

You're right - she looks adorable swimming with her little wiggles. And I totally used that video to try to entice Hazel to learn to swim by herself. :)