Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoo Fun Again!

We have been to the zoo 3 times now. It's been a fun thing for us to do and Aashini has gotten some fun new experiences. She loves feeding the elephants now (she was pretty scared the first time).
She had no problem just sticking those cucumbers right into it's trunk!
On this zoo trip we went to the seal show. She LOVED it! It think it was one of her favorite things :)
She spent most of the show like this :) She really liked it :)
They had these funny little go-kart things at the zoo... they were really fun :)
Adam with his girls :)
Aashini eating some snacks :)
On this day there weren't many people at the zoo, so we had the animal show almost to ourselves (except for a few other people).
One of the birds took Adam's money :)
Aashini loves pandas :) She hung out with the pandas :)
She even gave them hugs ;)
She ended the day with a little chopstick drumming on bamboo :) what a fun day :) haha!


Della said...

Her hair is so pretty, soft and curly.

Alison said...

did you cut your hair?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Thanks Della :)

Alison - nope... It's just a lot more humid here in Thailand so her hair is cute and curly :)

Emily said...

I was gonna comment the same thing about how pretty her hair is!
Those are good pics. I like the one where she is sitting by herself and looking all grumpy. haha