Friday, January 1, 2010

School Christmas Party :)

Aashini's school had a Christmas party day on Christmas Eve. (oh, and if you look in the background of this pic you'll see a little girl - she was born on the same day and at the same hospital as Aashini - cool hunh?). The kids were greeted at school by Santa - which this Santa is another example (with the mask) of why Aashini is scared of him! This Santa cracks me up! it's one of her teachers... have you ever seen a Santa with such nice shoes ;) haha!
The kids were supposed to come to school dressed like Santa, in red, or dressed like a fairy... we were confused about the last one. They take "dress-up days" very seriously, so we needed to do a good job dressing her up! We bought her a Santa costume but when I got it home we realized that it was way too small :) haha! I didn't have a chance to go back to a market before then, so I decided to dress her in red and dress her like a fairy... of course I didn't have a fairy costume or wings, so I dressed her in red and clipped on some little wings we had and gave her a crown & wand... yeah, it wasn't the best fairy costume...
Here she is arriving at school - see all the Santa costumes!?
Some of the costumes were really funny... Aashini's included I think - haha! Apparently a fairy is what they call an angel :) haha! So the girls dressed up as Fairies had on really fancy white dresses :)
Aashini had a fun day at school :)
And here's a Diya picture for fun :)
You guys ROCK!


Carrie said...

Love the post! Very interesting that they call angels fairies. "A" was a cute fairy if I must say so myself :-)

Life in Green-Land said...

The whole calling angels "fairies" thing remind me of when we were in NYC, and we were riding the Staten Island FERRY and Gracie kept calling the boats "Angels!" Funny.
OK, this may be a totally silly question, but since Christmas isn't exactly a national holiday out there, did Aashini have the day off school, or did you keep her home, or did she go that day? Just random things I think about.
We still love your blog so much & my girls LOVE watching videos and seeing pictures of Aashini. They feel like she's a friend they've known for years... and they agree that Diya is adorable too!

Emily said...

That is really funny about the fairies! I would've been confused too with the notice of Santa and Fairy costumes. :) And the wedge-heeled Santa? Nice!