Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fantasy Land!

The other day we took Aashini to Fantasy Land! It's a little temporary amusement part set up for kids by one of the malls (Bangkok is the land of malls!!) :)
I think Aashini's favorite was the Ferris wheel :)
There was a big pool of water they had set up to paddle boats in :)
It was funny to watch everyone. Most people didn't know how to paddle :)
Aashini thought she was awesome at paddling :)
They had lots of fun inflateables. She loved the one where she could climb up and slide down. She really likes climbing up things (like her Masi) :) Here she is sliding down the slide with the Thai lady that was working that ride (wouldn't that be a fun & tiring job?). It's not a great picture, but I loved Aashini's face :)
They also had one of these "prove you're a man and ring the bell" games. Adam got it on the first try and thought he was the man :) haha!
Aashini did pretty good herself :)
They had a bounce house and we thought Aashini would be too scared to try it. We were wrong...
She LOVED it!!
She did spend most of her time on the ground though :) haha!
Only one day left before we get to go back home ;)


Erin G said...

LOVE the picture on the slide. And Adam looks hilariously huge inside that Ferris wheel cage! :)

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Wow! That's WAY cooler than the Kid's Festival we went to last time we were in Bangkok. Great!

Emily said...

Aashini looks so pretty!! Maybe red is one of her colors. :) I agree - what a fun job, sliding down a slide all day!