Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Thailand Pics ;)

We're back from Thailand :) I was requested to post more Diya pics :) I haven't been great at post pics... mostly because most of the time she doesn't look like she does in these pics. Our poor little Diya is very colicky... so she's upset a LOT. Poor thing... Here are a few happy Diya pics ;)
When we were staying in Bangkok, we put Diya in this swing and it helped her to stop crying :)
... and even put her to sleep :)
Aashini had a lot of fun in Bangkok. We stayed at a guesthouse that had a lot of other kids that were staying there. She always had someone to play with.
Aashini had a great time in Thailand but she was also really glad to be home ;)


Carrie said...

Love them!!!!!! You can really see the change in Diya's face! Such precious girls!

Emily said...

Yeah Diya looks a lot less like a newborn now! It's crazy how quickly they grow!
Sorry about the colic. No fun!! We found that when Hazel's worst time hit (late afternoon) that we just took a walk at that same time and she never cried when she was outside. Then it became a nice outing we kept up after she grew out of the colic at 3 months.
I agree - you need more Diya pics! :)

Kelley said...

I'm sorry that she has colic but man she is one cute baby. Love pictures of her!

Bronie said...

such cute new pics!! yay!

Sara Beth said...

Diya is definitely cute!!