Monday, January 4, 2010


I can't believe 2009 is over! When I look back at pictures from 2009 it seems like so long ago but at the same time... not so long ago... Yeah, I know that didn't make sense :) haha! Anyway, I wanted to post some of my favorite pics and memories from 2009. You can click on any of these picture to enlarge them :)

Here are some of my favorite pics of Aashini from 2009 (Diya will get one of her own next year, I didn't have very many pics of her this year :)) We spent a few days of 2009 in America, Aashini started potty training, started pre-school, drank out of her first water fountain (It's a big deal here :) haha!), vacationed in Thailand, became a model for Lilliput Stores, turned 2, and had a blast!!
Here's some of my favorite family pictures and favorite family memories.... so I was basically pregnant this whole year... haha!
Jaya got engaged AND married, we got pregnant and had a sweet baby girl, my sis came to visit, we got to hang out with some great friends in the states, and had a great time in our awesome city!
Here are a few pics that didn't make it into the other two - so they got their own... it's kinda like honorable mention :) The big group picture on the bottom left is from our intern reunion we had in the states (one of those pics did make the above pic :)) - it was AWESOME to see some of our great friends from college (thanks for getting us all together Christine!!), jsut a lot of pictures that make me smile :)
Thanks to everyone that made our 2009 so awesome! Thanks for all of your prayers, love and funness :) haha! You guys ROCK!


Emily said...

1. Aashini looks like two different kids in the first collage. Pre-hair toddler and Post-hair child. :)
2. I love how cool your kids are. They get to grow up around SO many different cultures all in one city.
3. I'm sad we didn't see each other in 2009. :(

SouthAsiaRocks said...

I KNOW! I'm sad we didn't see each other in 2009!!! I can't wait to meet up again someday (It WILL happen one day :)) :)
And yeah, I totally agree with #1 - She looks totally different!!!