Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All about Aashini! :)

Here's a post all about Aashini :) This first picture is from Thailand (one I forgot to post). When we rode the SkyTrain, she LOVED to put the coins in the "ticket machine".
Here is Wild-Hair-Aashini with Dr. Gujral (the doctor that delivered both girls) :)
In Thailand just about everything is cute :) haha! They sell erasers everywhere that are shaped like food. They're cheap and REALLY cute ;) We bought a few packs for Aashini to play with. She made lots of meals for her dinosaurs :)
The girl loves dinosaurs :) haha! This dinosaur is eating sushi :) Awesome!
Here is Aashini running around the house :)
Aashini is talking up a storm now! It's so fun :) She is quite the wild child :)


Carrie said...

She has an amazing imagination! Love the dinosaur picture!

Emily said...

Aw how cute that she loves dinosaurs. And sushi erasers? Awesome! What's funny to me is that Aashini's "wild hair" is what Hazel's looks like on her best day. haha!

Emily said...

Austin loves dinosaurs too... we need to set them up on a play date next time you are in the states! So cute!!! Loved the post as always!

Brandon and April said...

her pigtails are adorable! what is it about dinosaurs?! eden loves dinosaurs too!!

Bri said...

I love her curls!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Emily - we totally need to do a play date next time we're in the states ;) Fun!