Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Shots :)

Here are a few random shots of the girls from the last week :) Diya LOVES to be on her stomach! Aashini hated it :) It's funny how different they are in a bunch of little different ways :) If Diya is really grumpy, we let her take a nap on her tummy if we're sitting near by... She sleeps so well :)
I took this picture the day we left. The Capital was cold!! It's hot here in Bangkok!
Here's Aashini on our trip :) She LOVED having her own seat! This is how she spent most of the flight... curled up in her seat with her headphones watching "UP"... she did sleep a little bit :)
Here is Diya on her very first airplane trip!!
This is Aashini dancing on her bed with "baby cookie" in our room in Bangkok :) Aashini LOVES to dance around to music :)
here is Diya chillin' in Bangkok :)
More to come...


Misty Burns said...

they are soooo cute!!! and yes...they will be as different as night and day! :)

Erin G said...

so, when you say the capital was "cold" -- what does that REALLY mean? ;-)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

ok... so cold in the Capital is about in the 40's - but there's no central heating here (or insulation) - so it's just as cold inside as outside - it feels really cold!!