Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Merry Christmas! I hope you guys all had an awesome Christmas! We had a great time :) On Christmas Eve we went to a party at our friend's house and we had Mexican Food and yummy desserts! Diya dressed up like a mouse :) It was fitting... (...'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - except for our little mouse!)
Christmas morning was fun. This Christmas Aashini really got into it. We didn't put any presents under the tree before Christmas because Aashini would have opened them (her birthday was so close to Christmas for her that it was confusing), so on Christmas Eve while she was sleeping, we put out all the presents. We closed all the curtains (we have curtains in our doorways here) and kept her out until we were all up and ready. Then we read the Christmas story and talked about the meaning of Christmas. After that we told her it was time for presents and she was excited! Here she is running into the room to open presents!
This is how Diya spent her Christmas morning :)
Aashini had so much fun! This spinning light ball thing was so cool :)
Opening presents ;)
I have a lot of pictures like this :) She got a baby Cabbage Patch Doll :) She loves to give her baby it's bottle :)
Aashini LOVES Elmo & Cookie Monster! She got a cute little Cookie Monster stuffed animal. She calls it Baby Cookie Monster :)
Aashini really had a lot of fun this Christmas ;)
I mean really!
After we opened presents and played for a while, we went to a friend's house with some other friends and had a big Christmas lunch and hung out. It was great! Later that afternoon we all met up at another friend's house to have desserts, play games & hang out. It was a lot of fun :) We always miss our families at Christmas, but all of us over here have a great time celebrating Christmas together! :) It was fun: )


Erin G said...

we have those same present PJs for Anneliese! So perfect for a baby girl's first Christmas, don't you think? Merry Christmas to you and your little ladies (and hubby too)!!

Carrie said...

I bet it was so much fun watching her get so excited! Love all the pictures!

Emily said...

Aww Aashini looks like she's having a blast! Both of your girls are so cute. Merry Christmas!!