Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kiddo Update :)

We're about to head out of country for our visa, so I needed to post some pics (it will be a few days before I can post any more :))... I took a few pics of Diya the other day that I thought were fun :) She's started smiling a little, so that's been really fun :)
Here's a little half-grin... I think I had a lot of school pictures where I was half-smiling :) haha!
The other night we found Aashini sleeping in her bed like this - haha!
Here's my doctor - Dr. Gujral - with Diya :)
And with Aashini... look at Aashini's wild hair! haha! She has enough hair for pig-tails these days... IF she lets me do her hair ;) haha!
Here is Aashini at her school the other day. She eats the local food at her school in the mornings and has gotten really good at eating food with the bread (roti). This picture wasn't taken on a normal school day though... we were there signing Diya up for school - haha! I know, sounds crazy hunh? Well, they gave us a deal... if we signed Diya up for school before Jan 1, they would lock her in at the prices that we are paying for Aash (and they were doubling it on Jan 1 - so who knows how much it would cost in 2 years!)....
So we signed her up. They always give gifts to the kids when they enroll, so Diya got a gift - haha! She got a basketball goal!! haha! I'm sure she'll get some good use out of it :)
Aashini got to ride the airplanes at the mall the other day - she loved it!
Aashini loves to get on Adam's back while he does push-ups :) She thinks it's really fun. He likes it too because when he's done, she cheers for him! haha!
And I took some more Diya pictures ;)
Here's a little grin!


Carrie said...

Love it! WOW school already huh! Talk about being on top of things! Good luck with the visa!

Emily said...

Sometimes we find Hazel sleeping with her head covered too! Do those PJs have a sheep on them? Random question, I know, but if they do, Hazel wears the same ones! AND she also loves to get on our backs when we do pushups too! They are so similar, I love it. :) Although Hazel doesn't cheer for us. That's really cute!