Monday, March 5, 2012

Comic Con - the Kiddos :)

 The kids had fun at Comic Con :) (to see the other post on Comic Con, Click HERE).  We ran into a friend there, and their daughter was dressed up like Spiderman too! :)
 They had a guy there painting faces.  He only painted one thing... this weird dog from their comic book.... the girls thought it was cool... so guess that's all that matters :) haha!
 Diya with the dog on her face :)
 The girls coloring their Comic Book coloring books :)
 Diya made herself at home and the stage and colored too :)
 Aashini got to hold Thor's hammer at the Avengers booth :)
 The Avengers booth had a good face painting guy! He  painted Spiderman on Aashini's hand....
 He asked Diya if she wanted a flower or a heart... but she wanted Spiderman too :) haha!

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