Monday, March 12, 2012

Aashini's School Annual Day!

Aashini's school's Annual Day was just a few weeks ago.  It's quite a big deal.  Here are a few pictures from the 4+ hours of fun :) haha!
 Aashini's performance was with the "hoopla".   
 They moved it up, down and around to the beat. 
 It was a little boring, but Aashini did great :)  She had fun doing it!
 This picture cracks me up :)  Aashini looks funny and the kid in the middle is making a funny face! haha!
 At the end of the Annual day they did awards for the different classes for the children's performances from the year.   Aashini came in "first position" in her entire class!  Go Aashini!!!   
 She was so proud of her award!  Here she is with her teachers :)
And, for your viewing enjoyment.... Here is a video of Aashini's performance from Annual day.   The performance is very long, so feel free to fast forward a little and you can see her get her award and talk a little at the end of the video :)

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