Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aashini's Speaking Competition

Aashini had a speaking competition at school in November.  With all my vertigo, I'm quite behind on some things (like blog posts) but I really wanted to post about this :)
For this speaking competition, the kids were supposed to tell a story.
 I think this little boy is so cute :)  His name is Ranveer and he has a twin brother in another class :)   He told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Every kid had to have a visual aid to go with their story.  I thought his was funny with The Little Mermaid as Goldilocks and Whinnie the Pooh as the three bears :)
 This is Aashini's little friend Kritika.
 This is Aashini's "best friend" Aura.  She's super cute :)  Look at her "visual aid" :)  The bear is eating a man! haha!
 Aashini told "The Boy who Cried Wolf".  Most kids told Aesop Fable stories.  We thought this one was a good one for her to know :)  That's her teacher in the purple adjusting her mic.
 Aashini telling her story!  (oh, and in case you're wondering... I'm not sure what happened to her hair this day... it's rough! haha!)
 After they all told their "introduction" and their stories, the teachers tallied the results.  There were 3 judges that wrote up scores for the kids.  While we were waiting for the results, they turned on the music and had the kids all go on stage and dance :)  It was hilarious!   You can see Aashini doing some of her "white girl dance moves here" :)
 Aashini and Aura dancing together :)
 These are the first place winners!  Aashini, Myra and Ranveer!  Diya ran up on stage with Aashini but once she saw the large audience looking at her, she freaked out and cried - haha!  poor thing!
And.... for your viewing enjoyment.... here is a video of her speaking competition (and some of the funny dancing and the award part) :)


Kyndal said...

Oh my goodness... Aashini is so adorable! I love her moves. So cute :)

Emily said...

I LOVED that video!! The girls loved it too. :) Annabel kept saying, "They are doing awesome!" on the dancing part. haha Anyway, I think it's awesome that her school teaches public speaking so early!