Monday, February 6, 2012

School Days!

I thought it was time to post more on Aashini's School :)  She's in Nursery which is like "Pre-K" in the US.  Next year she'll be in "Prep" which is Kindergarten.   Anyway, here is a picture of Aashini with her class on a Field Trip.  This picture (along with some of the others) are pictures the school took of the kids :)
This is a picture of Aashini with her teachers.   The teacher on the right is the head teacher - Sarika, and the teacher on the left is Nisha.  Aashini calls them Sarika Ma'am and Nisha Ma'am.  All of the classes at her school have 2 teachers and 2 helpers.  
 This is her classroom.  I took this picture one day when we were at a parent teacher conference.  The desks were all stacked on the side of the room, so this isn't how it's normally set up.  This is the room they do their "classwork" in.  They have different rooms for different activities.  They have the smartboard room, the computer room, play/game room, movie room, roller skating rink, taekwondo area, etc...
 This is an old paper from September (and a really bad picture of it) but we get one of these at the end of each week that tells us what they did and learned that week.  They've done so much lately that these papers have been so full!  I'll have to post another one soon :)
 Aashini has homework 3-4 days a week.  Here is one of her English homework assignments in her English Notebook (or her "English Copy" as we say here... it's a British thing...) :)
 Here's Aashini at school in her uniform :)
 They celebrate all the holidays at her school!  Here she at school on Diwali.  All the kids posed with a plate of flowers :)
 This is another picture the school took of Aashini in one of the puzzle/game rooms at school.  I love the hair of the little girl next to her :)
 This is Aashini's weekly schedule.  It's not a great picture because I was trying to sneak a picture of it one day :) haha! 
Here is Aashini in her exercise class :)  They also do Taekwondo one day a week, and Roller Skating one day a week (but since they do the skating outside, they don't do it during the winter time :))
 Her school does quite a few field trips a year.  Here is a picture from the Train Museum.  They've been there a couple of times this year as well as the zoo a couple of times, and an aquarium.

  This is my favorite room at the school.... the MOVIE THEATER!   Usually once a month or every other month they have a movie day.  
We've been really impressed with her school.  
More to come!!


Emily said...

I'm so impressed too! She goes 8 hours more a week than Hazel does (really wish Hazel went 5 days a week!) but they seem to squeeze much more in that time...field trips, exercise, and writing and spelling!! Wow!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

She does "Maths" too!! It's crazy!

Anthony & Sharon said...

What I would give for a school like that here! Those "Singaporeans" (said with a snooty tone:) could learn a few things from her school!