Thursday, March 29, 2012

End of the Year Fun!

The school year has ended here and now it's time for a new year!  (The School year here is April to March).    They had a day last weekend where the kids all came and had a Parent-Teacher Meeting where they got their end-of-the-year report cards and classwork and things like that.   
Here is Aashini (and Diya) with two of her classmates.  Ashmit (that we think Aashni has a crush on... she blushes when she sees him - haha!) and Kritika (one of her best friends).  
 A few of the other kids :)  The taller boy on the right is in Aashini's class this year too.
 This is one of Aashini's teachers - Sarika Ma'am :)
 This is her other teacher - Nisha Ma'am :)
 After meeting with her teachers, they got to go to the basement where they had a big party! They party included all the cotton candy they want! haha!
 Aashini was a fan!
 Diya too! :)
 They also had a fun game where they threw balls to knock down cups :)  
 Aashini and Kritika had a fun time :)
 Diya had fun too :)

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