Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vijay's Wedding - The Kiddos

 The kids had a great time at Vijay's reception.   They got to run around, dance and eat Ice Cream - what kid doesn't like that? haha!  (Oh, and if you're wondering what is on Diya's face, it's a heart.  It was Valentine's Day and one of her teachers drew hearts on her cheeks with markers and we couldn't get it off :) haha!)
 Diya with "Uncle Vijay".  She was so cute with him :)  Diya doesn't go to just anyone, but she always goes to Uncle Vijay :)
 Here's Aashini on the dance floor :)  She was doing some funny moves :)
 Diya was cracking me up too :)
 Daddy-Daughter Bollywood dance :)
 Sister dance :)
 The kiddos had a lot of fun!


Emily said...

That looks like SOOOO much fun!! I love how the photographer is taking pics of Aashini dancing. :)

Deanna said...

Looks like awesome fun. I love catching up on y'all via blog.:)