Friday, March 9, 2012

Holi Hai!

 Yesterday was Holi!  This year we spent Holi with some American friends of ours with young kids.  Holi can get pretty rough with older kids, so it was fun for them to play with kids their age.   
Here are the kiddos before Holi :)
 We went to our friend's house and had waffles and then got ready for Holi.
 Diya HATED Holi last year and screamed the whole time (even before Adam passed out!), so we had a feeling we'd be holding her the whole time while she freaked out.  She hates being dirty too, so we didn't think she'd like it....
 Here's Aashini at the beginning of the morning.  Our girls have light hair, so we didn't want it to turn permanently pink or purple, so we coconut oiled up their hair and put bandannas on their heads :)
 Diya LOVED it!  Her favorite part was throwing powder on people!  She thought that was AWESOME! 
 This picture makes me laugh :)
 She LOVED throwing powder.  
 For some reason, Diya didn't mind being dirty :) haha!
 Filling up the water guns :)
 Aashini had the most fun with the water guns :)  She LOVED to spray people!  
 Adam enjoyed it too :)
 This picture makes me laugh :)
 Happy Holi!
 After a couple of hours the kids were bored with it (and the water ran out), so they played for a little while :)
 It was a fun day :)

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