Friday, March 30, 2012

Aura's Birthday Party :)

This weekend Aashini's good friend Aura had her birthday party :)   Aura was in Aashini's class at school and Aashini was so excited to go!  Here is Aashini (and Diya) with Aura.   
 Here they are waiting for the other guests to arrive (of course, we were the first guest to arrive... and we were 15 minutes late! haha!)
 Kritika came too :)  I couldn't get them to take a real picture - haha!  This is the best I could do :)
 They ate and played some fun games at the party :)  They played Hot Potato.  Aashini had never played it before and LOVED it!  She thought it was AWESOME! haha!
 Then we played a game where the mom put as many straws as she could in her kid's hair - haha!!!  This is the girl that won :)
 Here's Aashini :)
 They also played a game where you got a partner and tried to put as many Bindis as possible on the other kid's head - haha!  I thought that was a fun idea for a game :)  They had fun :)
 Cake Time!  Diya's favorite part about birthdays is the cake :) haha!  You can see how excited she is :)
Happy Birthday Aura!!!


Kelley C said...

ok the straw game is killing me. What? How? I can't even...

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! it was funny :) You should try it ;) haha!