Monday, April 2, 2012

New Year - New School!

On Monday Aashini is going to start a new school year at a new school!   This past weekend we had her orientation.  This year she's starting "Prep" (Kindergarten) at her new school - Presidium.  For this year she'll get to stay in the same school building before going to the "big school" next year.  
Here is Aashini in her new classroom.  (I didn't get a good pic of it so I posted this one anyway) :)
 This is Aashini's new teacher.  She's super nice!
 The school's playground got a new climbing wall!  Here's Aashini trying it out :)
 Aashini playing on the climbing wall :)
All of Aashini's new school uniforms!  The green and denim is her regular daily uniform, top left is her taekwondo uniform (that she wears one day a week) and the middle is her "Club" uniform.  She'll be in this club her entire primary/secondary school career.  She wears that on Fridays.  I'll post pictures in her new uniforms this week :) 
 Here are all of her new school books and folders (along with 3 parenting books :)).  This year she starts Hindi writing!  Yikes!  Can't wait :)


Anthony & Sharon said...

So cool!
What kind of school is it? Private? National? Public National? Private National? International? Christian?
I'm sure there are other types but those are the ones we have here. Yay for Hindi writing! How fun to be fluent in two languages!

Emily said...

Her purple dress is cute. :) I am amazed/intimidated by her school! haha