Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dress-up Fun!!

Aashini has always loved dressing up, but Diya has just discovered that she loves it too! The other day while Aashini was at school she came up to me and kept pointing at herself and saying: "Princess!" I kept reassuring her that she was a princess but she just kept saying it. Finally she led me to her room and pointed to the basket of dress-up clothes. She knew something in there would make her a princess :) She wanted the yellow princess dress. It was always Aashini's favorite (she just recently outgrew it), but now it fits Diya. (Here's a post of Aashini in it if you want to see -
These aren't great pictures, but I think the kiddos are cute all dressed up :) So fun :)


Emily said...

I love it that Aashini went all out, from head to toe! :)
Something tells me our girls would all be BFFs if we lived in the same city... :)

Anthony & Sharon said...

Can't believe dress up will be part of my days to come!! Too cute!!