Saturday, August 27, 2011


The other day I realized that Diya had enough hair for pigtails!!!! :) Until last week she hated to have her hair done... now she loves it! :) Here she is - first time in pigtails :) (or "2 ponytails" as they say here) :)
Diya loves making funny faces. If you say: "Diya make a funny face"... this is what she does:
I love her pigtails :) Too fun! :) She's getting big!


Anthony & Sharon said...

Cute! She looks more like Aashini with them! Yay for "2 ponytails"!!!

alwaysjoyfuldejs said...

Cute. Still haven't been able to do that with Grace... They're precious!

Aarmel said...

She looks so grown up with pig tails! And so cute! I'm pretty sure that if we ever had a girl she'd come out with enough hair for pig tails at the start! Hopefully it would be on her head and not her back though like my poor Casey. :)

Emily said...

I thought the same thing as Sharon, that she looks more like Aashini now. She looks precious!